10 reasons ALL homeschoolers NEED to be on Periscope.

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You might be thinking, another Social Media Outlet. Really?
Isn’t there already enough of them?

Come on in and let’s chat a bit about Why You Need To Be On Periscope.

Homeschoolers on Periscope

Periscope is a “live” interaction broadcast. The broadcaster is who you would see live and you can interact and engage by using a chat/text style message that shows up on the bottom of the screen for everyone to see. You can engage by asking questions and/or have “conversations” (so to speak) with the broadcaster and the others in the chat.

There are also ways to watch “scopes” (what the broadcast is affectionately called) that have already been recorded. Scopes only last for 24 hours on Periscope. There is, however, a site called Katch.me that scopers can link to that “catches” their live scopes and saves them. You can go to Katch.me and watch the scope replays.

How will you know who to watch or when to watch?

You would “follow” the people you are interested in. You will hear a notification sound when the people you follow are on live. {you can choose to have your notifications turned on or off}

That is just a brief description of what Periscope is. I urge you to look into it further for more in depth answers and explanations.

Click HERE for the link to Periscope.

Click HERE for the link to Katch.me.

~*Here are the reasons ALL homeschoolers MUST be a part of Periscope.*~
  1. For support.
    We all know how stressful life and homeschooling can be a times. We can go through some pretty stressful ordeals. We don’t always have the luxury of having someone to turn to for a little encouragement. Sometimes we feel like we are the only ones going through struggles and complications. On Periscope you will find a supportive community of other homeschoolers. Some are going through the same thing.
  2. A sense of well-being.
    I might need to explain this one a bit. Not all of us are a part of co-ops and homeschool groups all the time and throughout the entire year. There are many days when our children are the only other humans (let alone adults) we see or talk to throughout the day. On Periscope you can be involved in a chat with another “real-live” adult person. It can sure make you feel a little saner. Especially when the discussion is one that you have interest in or a part of.
  3. Ideas.
    When you are watching a scope you will often see someone who has an idea that you love and didn’t even know you needed to implement. This could be a curriculum idea, a storage idea, a parenting idea, a meal idea, and so on.
  4. Homeschool Spaces.
    Whether you school at your kitchen table, couch, bedroom, or even have a designated homeschool space, you will find wonderful ideas through watching scopes on other’s homeschool spaces. You will often see the “real” space that others are using. Not Pinterest Perfect Spaces!  You can get wonderful ideas on how to organize games, manipulatives, curriculum, supplies, finished work, books, etc.
  5. Curriculum.
    You might be eye-balling a certain curriculum and have questions about. Periscope is a great way to see what other’s are using and how they are using it. If you are catching a scope live, you can ask the homeschooler (broadcaster) questions about the curriculum they use. What do they like about it? What don’t they like about it? Will they continue to use it? And so on….
  6. Schedules.
    Periscope is also a great place to get ideas on schedules for your homeschool. This topic seems to be a doozie. One that a lot of us have a hard time with. By watching a scope you can get ideas for a schedule. *Just remember that every homeschool and homeschool family is different. Even though we may see ideas that we love and want to implement  into our routines or homeschool, please keep in mind that not everything works for everyone. Our lifestyle, schedule, family situations, and budget dictate what can work for us verses others. No comparing please!
  7. Co-Op Style/Group Scopes.
    This one is exciting!  There are scopers (people who do broadcasts) who do “live” story times. This is great for the times when you can’t get to the Library for their free story time. Or, you just need a little break in your homeschool day. It’s amazing how entertaining this can be for your children. The idea of someone else reading a story out load (that isn’t mom or dad) and being able to watch other children during a story time is very exciting to kids. There are other activities that I have seen homeschoolers do during their scopes as well.We watched a 13 year old boy do Origami. It was fascinating!

    {{There is a weekly story time and American Sign Language scope that I encourage everyone to watch with their children. It is truly amazing!}}
    {{{First, Amy from Busy Boys Brigade does a live story time and provides an idea for a project that goes along with the story. Immediately following Amy’s scope, Rochelle Barlow does a live scope teaching children the American Sign Language signs that go along with the story. It is truly a blessing to watch. I highly recommend watching these scopes with your children. You will not be disappointed.}}}
  8. Advice.
    Whether you are a veteran homeschooler, a newbie, or just considering. Periscope is the place for you! You can ask questions and get advice on all your homeschooling concerns or needs.
  9. Encouragement.
    We can get encouragement and give encouragement on Periscope. Sometimes we can just give virtual -{{{HUGS}}}- and get virtual -{{{HUGS}}}-. We are not in this homeschool journey alone. Periscope is the perfect place for us to realize that.We ALL need a little encouragement from time to time.
    Don’t we?
    I know that I do!
  10. You!
    You are a MUST in Periscope.
    You can Periscope: (be the broadcaster yourself)Share your advice with others.
    Share your space.
    Share good deals you got on curriculum, games, supplies, etc.
    Share something unique you do.
    Just simply share your ideas. And be a blessing to someone esle.
    Anything really…..You can even do a scope yourself and ask others questions. Other homeschoolers can answer your questions and answer you via the chat bar at the bottom.
    You see, the possibilities are endless.

10 Reasons Why Every Homeschooler NEEDS to be on Periscope


So, what do you think?

Will you join Periscope?

Will you watch a few scopes?

Will you do a few scopes yourself?

If you have massive stage fright or are completely uncomfortable doing any sort of public speaking ……. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

I have a secret. Well, it’s really not much of a secret. (it just sounded good – didn’t it?)

I have massive stage fright and can not do any sort of public speaking. My words get all shaky, I start to sweat like a college football player, I turn red, I have a hard time getting a full breath.  I am a mess! 

Anyone with me?  Whoop… Whoop…

All the nervous Nelly’s in the house – unite!

But, I have done a few scopes myself and although it took a bit of courage – I DID IT!

This is HUGE for me folks! Even my family thought I would never get the courage up to do one. Put simply…….they know me.

I did not say all that to toot my own horn or pat myself on the back. I simply shared that to give you the courage and confidence to do it. 

Doing scopes is satisfying. I received incredible feedback and involvement from those in the homeschool group that I am a part of. Far more than I ever expected.

You can watch my Homeschool Room Tour -Thrifty Style by clicking on Watch My Periscope.

If you are looking for a fabulous Facebook homeschool group; one that includes very encouraging women.

Then I can point you to the right place.

You can join and watch scopes, encourage others, get encouraged, or do scopes yourself.

So, I must ask.

What are you waiting for?

If you want to be truly blessed in your homeschool journey (you & your children) than I strongly urge you to join: #homeschoolscopes. <— click for direct link.

This group has truly been a blessing to me. I have been homeschooling for 7 years now and there is always much to learn. This group will uplift you, encourage you, enlighten you, fellowship with you and bless you.

Oh, and best of all…….. You Will Laugh!

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
                                                         ~Charlie Chaplin

So, won’t you come join me and other fabulous homeschoolers in the #homeschoolscopes Facebook group and on Periscope?

Can’t wait to see you there!

*If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave your question in the comment section below or send me an email directly.



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  1. Always my pleasure, my dear friend.

    Your story times are wonderful and deserve to be mentioned and encouraged.

    Thanks for stopping by Amy.

  2. I’m on scope, I watch more than I scope. I need homeschool topics to scope about. Or we can collaborate and do consecutive scopes on one topic different perspectives.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Jaqueline.

    You can share about how you homeschool, what method you use, what curriculum you use, how you organize your time, how you organize your space, the possibilities are pretty endless really. Have you joined the Facebook group HomeschoolScopes? It is a wonderful and empowering group of homeschoolers.

  4. Hey Brandy! Good to see your site is okay! I’ve been missing from scoping lately but I’m hoping to get back into it this week. Sounds like some awesome stuff that I’ve been missing out on. By the way, that’s so awesome that you’re now an administrator of the group. You have always been so incredibly supportive.
    Lindsey recently posted…Keeping It Real: Homeschool ConfessionsMy Profile

  5. Hi there, Lindsey.

    Yes! Scopes have been so wonderful lately. I have even managed to do a few myself. Whew! Of course, you know you can always catch the replays of the ones you missed. I’m looking forward to supporting your scopes. Can’t wait!

    The Facebook group (Homeschool Scopes) is such a blessing. It was my honor to become an admin.

    Take care!

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