8 REALISTIC Ways To Save Money On Clothes

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8 REALISTIC Ways To Save Money On Clothes

Why only 8 Realistic Ways when so many articles are offering 25 or more ways to save money on clothing? I titled this post 8 Realistic Ways To Save Money On Clothes because most of those ways aren’t realistic for the *busy* of today.

8 Realistic Ways To Save Money On Clothes. You can find brand new - with tags - items for a huge discount at thrift stores. Are you shopping thrift stores? You should!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying those ways are incorrect, just that most people don’t have the time to put into cashing out on all the savings. Sounds funny doesn’t it? It’s true!
You can totally search for coupons to every store, but the problem is that you have to drive to all those stores. With gas prices today….. that can rob what savings you’re earning. Not to mention the amount of time this can eat up. We want to truly save money.

Let’s move on to saving money!

  1. Thrift Stores – This is a BIG one! Some might think that they would never wear someone else’s used clothes. I say “you go to a restaurant and eat off of someone else’s utensils!” At a restaurant you are leaving the cleanliness of what you’re eating off of to a complete stranger. The great thing about getting your clothes at a thrift store is that YOU can wash and sanitize the garments yourself.
    Here’s the best part about shopping at a thrift store – you can find brand new items with tags for up to 90% off the original price. That is an amazing to save money! Consignment Stores fall under this, as well.
  2. Yard Sales – I cannot tell you how many times I have hit a yard sale and the seller just doesn’t want to pack up all the clothes, so they offer you a small grocery store bag and say “fill a bag for $1“. You can get quite a bit of clothes in a small bag for a dollar! Community Organizations and Church yard sales are the best for this.
    You’d be amazed at what people get rid of. Of course this a bit of a crap shoot because of so many various sizes but these sales are fantastic for kid clothing.
  3. Clearance Racks – ALWAYS shop the clearance racks. Make it a habit to ALWAYS check the clearance rack first. Stores use these racks for various reasons; season changes, overstock, need room for new inventory, etc. You can snag some amazing deals on the clearance rack.
  4. Discount Stores – I’m not necessarily talking about the outlet stores here. More along the lines of stores like Goody’s or Bealls Outlet. These stores sell the overstock inventory and sometimes the slightly irregular clothing that the big stores can’t sell. Most of the time if a garment is slightly irregular you can’t even tell. Chances are if you can’t tell…. no one else can either! There’s often a significant savings at these stores. Again, shop the clearance rack at these stores first. Savings on top of savings is always welcomed, right?
  5. Shop With An Honest Friend – You might chuckle at this one, but it’s a powerful tool to help you save that $$$. It is very tempting to purchase an item that has a huge savings attached to it. BUT, just because something will bring the “great reward of huge savings” doesn’t mean that it’s worth your money. An honest friend will tell you that you don’t need to purchase every piece in your cart and let you know that the shirt you just picked out ISN”T your style. You can thank her (or him) by treating them to coffee after. :::::wink, wink:::::
  6. End of Season Sales – These items haven’t quite made it to the clearance rack yet but often times stores have an *end of season sale* to make way for new inventory. These seasons may not transition when you think. Retail seasons and actual climate seasons are often at two different times. It also depends on where you are at geographically. We are in the SE part of the U.S. so stores don’t typically roll out winter clothes in July like they might elsewhere. You will need to observe your local stores to see when they transition. All in all, great savings can happen during these sales.
  7. Avoid the “oh, that is such a good deal!” trap – It’s really hard to pass up a good bargain when you find one. That shirt might only end up costing you around $2 but if it’s one size too small….. {“oh, I’ll be able to wear it if I lose a few pounds”}… it’s still NOT a bargain or saving you money if it sits in your closet and a year or so later you have to get rid of it because it never fit. Not judgement here… I promise! I have been there & done that! Only buy what you need and this will save you money.
  8. Sell To A Consignment Store – I will tell you that you WILL NOT make a ton of money at the consignment store. They offer you little so they can mark it up. Hey, that’s how business works, right. Try not to go in with the mindset that your clothes (even the one’s with tags) are worth a great deal of money. You are not going into the consignment store to make money. Your mission is to sell them your clothes to earn credit with them. Some consignment stores actually offer you more for your clothes if you take it out in credit with them. This is not a bad thing! You can then use your credit to *shop* for more items you need. You clean out your closet and get to fill it again… all while saving money. It really is a win – win!

Bonus Tip: Try not to use shopping as Retail Therapy. Whaaaa… what did she just say? Oh I know this is a hard one. It can be such a welcomed outlet after a long week. It’s hard not to do stuff that makes us feel better, isn’t it? I know for me that scoring a good bargain, especially after a struggling day or week feels a little like Christmas morning. Unfortunately many of dollars have been wasted this way.
Go to a museum, a local park, take a hike {ha! ya like what I did there? hehehe}, read a good book…. anything! Your wallet will thank you later.

8 Realistic Ways To Save Money On Clothes. You can find brand new - with tags - items for a huge discount at thrift stores. Are you shopping thrift stores? You should!

Above is a top I bought through thredUP. The original price tag was $25.00. It was marked down from $8.99 to $6.99 and I used a 50% off code on my entire order (which included shipping) which took an additional -$2.81 off this top. Total price paid for this top was $4.18.

8 Realistic Ways To Save Money On Clothes. You can find brand new - with tags - items for a huge discount at thrift stores. Are you shopping thrift stores? You should!

Above is another top I purchased through thredUP that was brand new with tags. The original price tag was $22.00. It was also marked down from $7.99 to $5.99. With my 50% off code taking off an additional -$2.39 the total for this button down was $3.60.

8 Realistic Ways To Save Money On Clothes. You can find brand new - with tags - items for a huge discount at thrift stores. Are you shopping thrift stores? You should!

The above shoes were purchased at GOODWILL. They still had the original tags from Gander Mountain on them for $49.99. I paid $6.96.

True bargains can be found at thrift stores!

Now it’s your turn.

I would love to hear your struggles or success stories on saving money on clothes. Comment below or send me an email. I could chat about being *thrifty* all day!

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  1. Our local little hospital has a rummage sale twice a year, I get amazing deals at it. New shirts for a dollar. Woot woot

  2. I love your tips – they really are realistic, which is important because I truly don’t have time to scour ads and flyers and hunt up coupons, or drive to all the stores because we live out in the country. We have found some amazing things on clearance racks, at church sales, and at the Community Aid thrift store. The thing about the CA thrift store is that clothes are not sorted by size, so you do need to have the time and patience to go through all those jeans or tops or whatever to find what you want. We make a day trip out of it, and have found some fantastic deals especially on Dollar Days!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Kym!
    Oh, you could totally turn *thrifting for your size* into a family scavenger hunt. Maybe even offer something special to the one who finds the most *keepers*!

  4. It’s such a great feeling, isn’t it? Our church has an annual yard sale and I LOVE it. We get so much for so little!

  5. Great thoughts! I think the one that was hardest for me but knowing if it didn’t fit I didn’t need to buy it hoping to get it to fit later even if it was a good deal.

  6. Dawn, I have been guilty of that in the past, too.

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