8 Ways To use Candy Wrappers for Creative Writing

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8 Ways To Use Candy Wrappers for Creative Writing

Using Halloween Candy for Creative Writing

Your child(ren) just got gobs and gobs of candy from Trick or Treating. Your child is on a sugar high. Why not capture some of that excitement they have from the recent Halloween holiday and turn it into some good old learning fun?


Even though our kids didn’t do the typical trick or treating this year because of our new Halloween Tradition (You can read about that HERE) they still got candy.

With a small pile of candy wrappers sitting on the table, I had a LIGHT BULB MOMENT!

Why not use those candy wrappers (especially with faces) for a writing activity? Anything to get kids to practice Creative Writing. Creative Writing is an area where a lot of homeschoolers have a hard time. This is one way to get children excited to do some writing.

Here are 8 ideas on how to incorporate Creative Writing using Candy Wrappers.

Creative Writing using Halloween Candy

  1. Create Comic Strips. Draw a comic strip on a plain piece of paper. (#1 pictured above – I used a marker and a ruler) Have the child cut out the faces or characters from the candy wrapper and glue down anywhere within the strip. They can draw additional characters (if they wish) and write in what each character says.
    (Various Age Levels)
    Young children can tell you what they want to say and you can write it in for them. The level of difficulty can progress with age.
  2. Creative Writing Paragraph. Use lined paper that has an empty area at the top. (if you do not have lined paper that already has the top left empty – with no lines, just draw a box where they can create their picture) The child can cut out and glue down the candy wrapper characters to make a picture. Then encourage them to create a short story using only a few lines to describe the picture above. This is good for short paragraph practice. (#2 pictured above)
    (Various Age Levels)
  3. Short Story Picture Book. Create a book by folding two pieces of paper in half and then stapling the folded edge. This will ensure that the book doesn’t come apart. Again, using the wrappers, the child can cut out the characters or faces and create a short story book. They can create a picture book by gluing down the candy wrappers to create a scene on each page. Younger children who can not write yet can tell you what they want you to write down for them. While older children can create a title for his/her book and add Illustrated by, etc. Each child can add as many sentences to their pages as they want. You might want to create lines for children who are just starting their writing skills to write the sentences on. This will help keep their sentences straight. (#3 pictured above)
    (Various Age Levels)
  4. Mixed Up Characters. The child can cut out the individual body parts of the character to create a new character. For instance: cut out the eye’s, nose, mouth, ears, hair, etc. Create a new creature by gluing different parts together. Voila! A New Creature! They can create names, ages, careers, etc, for their new creatures. They can also draw an outline of a face and glue down the cut out body parts to create a character. There are so many possibilities really. Just allow your child to use their imagination.
    (Various Age Levels)
  5. Make a Mini Color Book. Write the colors of the characters from the candy wrappers at the top of separate pieces of paper and have the child glue the character with the matching color to the correct color page.
  6. Create a Mini Letter Book by Comparing Letters. Gather a few different candy wrappers. Try to find some of the same letters. Explain and describe how the letters are the same but because they are different fonts (written or printed differently) they may look a bit different. Create a mini book by using the directions from #3 and write letters at the top of each page. Have the child cut out any letters from the wrappers and glue down on the correct matching letter page.
  7. Name Graph. Cut out the names of the candy from the wrappers. Create a graph by gluing the same candy wrappers one on top of the other in different rows or columns. Creating a separate row or column for each candy type. Thus, creating a graph. This can also be turned into a short math lesson by counting and comparing the final results.
    (Various Age Levels)
  8. New Logo or Tagline. Ask the child if they could change how the candy wrapper looked, what would they make it look like? They can create a new Logo or even a new Tagline for the candy.
    (Various Age Levels)

Halloween Candy Writing Activity

So, don’t let those precious candy wrappers go to waste! Turn trash into a Creative Writing Lesson. A sweet lesson that your child will be happy to write about.

I want to see what you have created and come up with! Please take a picture and tag me on any of these Social Media Platforms.


I can’t wait to see what your child has created!

You can also watch the scope I did on Periscope on a few of these ideas that we did. Go to Katch.me.

Have fun with your creations. Remember that learning can happen everywhere and with just about everything. Making learning fun will make your homeschool experience a great one!


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  1. Thank you so much, Jenn!
    I know how hard it is to do Creative Writing Lessons in homeschool. Something most of us homeschoolers struggle with. These are sweet writing ideas that kids will actually LIKE to do!

  2. I absolutely love this idea!! I can’t wait to use with my boys. It will be a sacrifice but I will help eat the candy-take one for the team;) Thanks so much for sharing this awesome idea!!
    Amy recently posted…7 FREE Holiday-Themed Learning ResourcesMy Profile

  3. Exactly! The sacrifices we make for our kids are endless. Just add candy eating to the list. It’s a tough one but someone has to do it. I can’t wait to see what your boys write. Please share with me! Tag me on any social media so I can see and share as well.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Amy!

  4. What a fun idea!! I know my kids might look forward to their writing if we did this!!

  5. Thanks Allison! My kids had a blast doing this. I have a few that do not like to write much and this motivated them. They actually worked on it for a few days and on their own, for the most part. I was a pleased Momma!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. It was much appreciated!

  6. I love that you posted this idea. My kids are not homeschooled and helping them write is always a struggle. Let’s just say that they don’t find my topic suggestions “inspiring”. Those pictures will surely keep their brain cells rolling.

  7. These are such fun ideas!

  8. Thank you, Katherine!
    They have a blast doing this.

  9. Yes! This fits right into our *thrifty* lifestyle. A bonus that they are excited about writing. Thanks for stopping by, Deborah!

  10. Thank you, Roz! My kids aren’t always inspired to write either. I will do anything to get them motivated. hahaha!
    Have fun!

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