A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler…

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So, what do we do all day?

A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler. What exactly does that look like?

What do we do all day?

Some might think that homeschoolers sit with our heads in books all day and are so concerned with being ahead, that we don’t have fun.

It’s very easy to fall into the trap of mimicking what many of us are use to. That is the Public School Setting. It usually doesn’t take homeschoolers long to figure out that they don’t have to fall in line with the public school schedule and realize they can get out and learn from the world around them.

Thankfully, even though we are home schooling, not all of our learning has to be at home.

This day we learned much more from the world around us than we would have ever learned from a book!

I am sharing this day with you so you can see that there are learning opportunities everywhere. There are times when we can get stuck in our routines that we forget to breath, take a look around and find the learning opportunities that are right in front of us.

This day that I am getting ready to share with you is exactly the reason we decided to homeschool our children.

I believe that you need to seize those special moments. Make memories…. even if it means you play hooky from your normal day. After all, even though it felt  as if we were playing “hooky”, we learned more on this day than we would have at home.

A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

My father (Papa, affectionately called by our kids) called us one beautiful spring morning and asked if we wanted to go out on the boat to a nearby lake. Because I am a water baby, I surely was not going to turn this invitation down, even though it was a school day. I also invited a long-time friend of mine who the kids call their Aunt. So, myself, our 3 kids, Papa, and Aunt L, all enjoyed this beautiful day together.

{Let me also say that I find it very important for our kids to enjoy every moment with their Papa. When my father wants to spend time with his grandkids, I let him! ~Let your kids learn some of the great qualities that other family members have to offer.}

Beautiful Water Lilies

We rode around the lake for a while looking at blooming water lilies. Discussing their beautiful colors and how they provide protection for fish, and so on.

A day in the life of a homeschooler

There were so many water birds. (Anhinga, Coot, Osprey) Some in the air, some in the trees, and some in the water. We discussed what colors they were and what they might eat since they live near the water.

A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler

We then went to a little island like area for a swim and some lunch. The water was quite clear so you could see lots of life. This is where we discovered that Sunfish and Bream {pronounced…brim} will eat right out of your hand.
Brave little suckers!

While we were swimming around and investigating we found an Apple Snail. This was the biggest freshwater snail any of us had ever seen.  There’s more to this story I will get to later… stay tuned!

file0001660633279We were having fun in the water and a Seaplane drove/flew by us. We watched as he continued on top of the water and then lifted up for take off. It was amazing. Of course this opened up even more conversation. How does it stay afloat? What are those huge pontoon things on the bottom? Is he crazy?  I wonder where he’s going?

This day was just full of so much excitement. The best part of all was that everyone was learning and didn’t even realize it.  There was so much to see. Everywhere we turned there was excitement. A few sentences back I said “the best part of all”, I take that back. The best part about our day was that we were making memories. This day happened a few years ago and we are still talking about it.

We had the opportunity to view a shuttle being launched. I think the adults enjoyed this a little more than the kids. They looked up, but swimming and splashing was far too much fun. It was more like “Yep, we see it. Cool.” splash..splash..kick..kick..scream..splash..scream..kick..splash…

That was our school day.  A little fun in the sun. Enjoying nature and all it’s beauty.

The great part about this is that our learning did not stop there. 

The following day we did a little research on each of the things we saw:

  1. Water Lilies
  2. Water Birds
  3. Freshwater Fish
  4. Seaplanes
  5. Space Shuttles
  6. and…..the Apple Snail. You thought I forgot to get back to that from earlier, didn’t you?
    While we were researching it, we discovered that the snail we saw was not a native apple snail and was a nuisance. It was a foreign apple snail and invasive. It is killing all the native apple snails and their habitats. In our research we discovered that if you find this non-native apple snail you should report it to the local wildlife authority. So, that’s what we did.
    This turned into a lesson on how to help our environment and do the right thing. (We had fun and helped our local ecosystem.) This is, after all, what our goal is. To encourage our children to be productive citizens in society and to enjoy and cherish the world God has created for us.

You can make just about any outing a learning adventure. Whether it be a trip to the Dr., a walk in the park, a beach outing, playing in the snow, or just plain old fun in the yard. If you come across something that sparks your child/children’s interest, make a mental note of it and study it when you get the chance. This can also teach your kids to learn to research and can give them a sense of excitement for learning.  After all, if it peaks their interest, they will want to learn about it.

Here is an example of some continuing studies that could be done. These studies could include research, notebooking, lapbooking, or more.

Water Lilies: (science-plants)

  • What do they need to survive?
  • What time of the year do they bloom?
  • Why they bloom?
  • What colors they bloom?
  • What creatures benefit from them?
  • Are they harmful to the environment?

Water Birds: (science-birds)

  • What they eat?
  • How many eggs they lay?
  • Type of nest they make.
  • Are their feathers waterproof?

Sunfish & Bream: (science-fish)

  • What they eat?
  • What eats them?
  • Egg layers or live-bearers?
  • How do they make their beds? this could start as a joke….draw a fish in a bed with a blanket on! Too cute!
  • Why do they make their beds? is it because their mom makes them?

Seaplanes: (science-machines-transportation)

  • When were they invented?
  • Who invented the first one?
  • Why were they invented?
  • How do they operate?
  • How do they land and take off?

Space Shuttles: (science-space-astronauts-transportation)

  • Why we used them?
  • What is an astronauts job?.
  • What qualifications do astronauts and space engineers need to have?
  • What materials are the shuttles made of?
  • Space, atmosphere, stars, planets. You could really dive into this one. There is so much you can study about this topic.

I’m sure there’s so much more you can come up with. The easiest way to figure out what to learn is by simply listening to your kids questions. They will ask you things that you never thought to look up and research.
And you know they will ask questions that you have no idea what the answer is. Let them know you don’t know the answer and let them see you research the answer to their question. Being an example is a great tool.

As I stated earlier, this list wasn’t to bore you and I hope you didn’t fall asleep. I just wanted to show you how simple it can be to make such ordinary things into learning lessons… and have fun doing it.

Embrace those moments…You’ll cherish the memories.

Do you have a day that was filled with learning when you weren’t at home?
Share your journey in the comments below.






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  1. Why, thank you Lindsey!

    I absolutely love when we have days like this. Gotta snag em while you can.

  2. Thanks Amy!

    It was a great day indeed! We learned so much that day, by not doing school, away from our home, away from our homeschool room. I love those days!

    I wrote that post because I hope to encourage others to let go a little and seize any learning opportunity that arises. They are everywhere. We just have to keep our eyes open and create learning lessons with most opportunities.

    Thanks for your comment and thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a wonderful day of learning. These are the days that mean the most to our children. Not only did they learn about all the interesting concepts you listed, but also that they are valued, the world is fun and beautiful, they developed background knowledge that they can visually recall when reading or discussing these topics, and among other things you showed them that learning is fun!
    Jen Schneider recently posted…Our Roadschooling Set-UpMy Profile

  4. Yes, these days are what life is made of! They are not only our kids favorite type of “learning” days but mine as well. Thank you Jen for your kind words.

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