A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) ~ Review

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A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.)
Adaptive Math Curriculum Online

Math is one of those subjects that most parents worry about. Either their child loves it and thrives or they worry about learning gaps. We are the latter of the two scenarios. I tend to worry about learning gaps in our math. That being said, I was thrilled when we were presented with the opportunity to review Adaptive Math Curriculum Online, a program that offers assessment tests by A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.)

Online Math Curriculum

A few years ago I gave up trying to teach math myself. It was far too stressful for me and my children. We have turned our learning of math over to learning online through various programs. This has been a life saver for our homeschool.

We tried A+ Interactive Math a few years back and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they added placement and assessment tests to their program. My hope was to see where, if any, their learning gaps might be.

But first… A little about them!

A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.) is an online math program designed for homeschoolers as well as public schools and private schools. The goal of the A+ TutorSoft is to help students of all ability and grade levels reach their educational potential by offering expert instruction that is engaging, easy to follow and easily accessible. Their platform combines voice, visual and text-based instructions.

Here are the specific Math products they offer:

  • Homeschool Edition – Placement Test w/ Lesson Plan to “Identify & Close” Learning Gaps
  • Homeschool Edition – Family Math Packages – Online (Options to choose between 1-10 students)
  • Homeschool Edition – Single Grade Level – Online Curriculum (PC and MAC compatible)
  • Homeschool Edition – Multi-Sensory Interactive Math Full Curriculum Software CDs
  • School Edition – Placement Test w/ Lesson Plant to “Identify & Close” Learning Gaps
  • School Edition – Multi-Sensory Interactive Math Curriculum
  • Full Curriculum Books
  • Workbooks (Worksheets & Exams PACK)
  • Mini Courses Online

Online Math Curriculum

What we received.

Adaptive Math Curriculum Online is their NEW “Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plan” online program. It is designed for your child(ren) to take “mini tests” for each concept to identify their current skill level. It identifies any learning gaps and creates individualized lesson plans based on the results.

This program includes the following:

  • Colorful, engaging and fun multi-media lessons that teach math concepts using audio, visuals, and text.
  • Interactive Review for each lesson identifies and closes learning gaps by automatically re-teaching math concept if the student provides an incorrect answer to any questions.
  • Worksheets to apply math concept and practice problem solving with automatic grading and tracking.
  • Various reports to measure student progress.
  • Parent Dashboard
  • Individual Student Dashboard

This program covers Grades 1–6 and Pre-Algebra.

We received a 1-year subscription to Adaptive Math Curriculum Online.  Other members of The Review Crew received Family Math Package – this program does not have placement or assessment tests. You are free to place your child in any grade level. There are no individual lesson plans with this program.

Online Math Curriculum

How we used it & our final thoughts!

We are currently using a different online math curriculum that does not offer what Adaptive Math Curriculum Online so I was eager to jump in and see if there were any learning gaps for our two younger children.

I first logged in to my parent dashboard where I was able to add (up to 10 students) my children and the targeted grade levels. It also allows you to set usernames and passwords for each student. In the parent dashboard, I am able to view their test results, their individualized lesson plan, reports, and parental controls.

After I set up the students, it was time for them to get started. There are two ways you can approach the tests. One: they can complete all the mini tests and work on all the lessons after. Or, they can complete each mini test (and depending on the result; either move on to the next test or view the lesson generated for that topic) and immediately work on the lesson generated for that topic. (If they don’t reach their goal.)

The second one is what we decided to do. It seemed less overwhelming. They would take their mini test and if they did not reach their goal they would then do the lesson generated for that topic.

I will say that it does take some time to get used to how to use this program, as to there aren’t really any clear instructions. You need to take some time and navigate and familiarize yourself and your student(s). You will also want to help your student with the first few tests. We found that there some topics that the wording and describing was a bit different than what we were used to, so they got a little confused.

I also recommend your student has pencil and paper available BEFORE doing the test. Each test IS timed. On more than one occasion we needed to refer to pencil and paper to work out the problem. You also have to go over which button or key to submit your answers. We were used to hitting the enter key and that resulted in some confusion with the program.

Overall, this was a colorful program that uses everyday objects in their lessons. Making it more familiar with everyday surroundings to the student. Also, the voice is a computerized voice that reads the video lesson. This wasn’t a big deal for us, but worth mentioning.

So far this hasn’t been our boys’ favorite math program, but that could be partial to the fact that it is “different” than what we are used to.

We look forward to continuing to grow in this program and close up any learning gaps!


Family & Adaptive Math Online {A+ Interactive Math Reviews}

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