Online Supplemental Math Courses {A+ Interactive Math Mini Courses Review)

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A+ Interactive Math Mini Courses Review

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Even if you are using a Math curriculum that you are super satisfied with you might discover that your student needs a bit of additional help on a particular concept. No fear, you are not alone. This very thing happened to us. A+ Interactive Math Mini Courses to the rescue.

Do you have a student that is struggling with a particular concept in Math? Here are Math Mini Courses by A+ Interactive Math that can get your child back on track. They are self paced video lessons with interactive reviews. Great supplement to your current Math Curriculum. Check out my review on the blog.

The opportunity for us to try A+ Interactive Math was the perfect time to add supplemental support to the areas we needed to bridge the learning gap and even add a different approach to how we were learning that particular concept. Sometimes just experiencing a different approach to the concept is all the child needs to “get it!”

That’s what we did. We added a new approach to the multiplication and measurement concept. Just a simple change in pace may be all your child needs to grasp it. Something new and fresh!

What did we use?

A+ Interactive Math offers 20 Math Mini Courses

(The courses we used are in bold text)

  1. Elementary Fractions – Mini Course Online
  2. Counting and Identifying Numbers – Mini Course Online
  3. Place Value and Number Combinations – Mini Course Online
  4. Naming, Comparing and Arranging Numbers – Mini Course Online
  5. Early Elementary Addition – Mini Course Online
  6. Early Elementary Subtraction – Mini Course Online
  7. Elementary and Middle School Multiplication – Mini Course Online
  8. Elementary and Middle School Division – Mini Course Online
  9. Tables, Charts and Graphs – Mini Course Online
  10. Elementary Algebra – Mini Course Online
  11. Elementary Geometry – Mini Course Online
  12. Time – Mini Course Online
  13. Advanced Fractions – Mini Course Online
  14. Decimal Numbers – Mini Course Online
  15. Geometry – Mini Course Online
  16. Percentages – Mini Course Online
  17. Money – Mini Course Online
  18. Number Types and Conversions – Mini Course Online
  19. Measurements and Conversions – Mini Course Online
  20. Ratio, Proportions, Probability and Statistics – Mini Course Online

These Math Mini Courses were perfect for bridging that gap and introducing a new fresh way to learn the areas our child was struggling in.

A Brief Overview

As mentioned above, there are 20 different Math Mini Courses to choose from. Choose one, a few, or all of them. You have online access to those paid courses for one year. There is a (separate log in) dashboard for both you, the parent/teacher, and the student.

In The Parent/Teacher Dashboard:

  • Parent/Teacher Controls
  • View the Video Lessons with Interactive Review
  • View Lessons (PDFs) *the lessons and tests are recommended for the student to do online. the printables are there in the event you feel your child needs them.
  • View Printable Worksheets & Tests (PDFs)
  • View Reports *you can view your child’s progression, scores, lessons, and so on

In The Student Dashboard:

  • View Lessons with Interactive Review (Q&A)
  • View/Generate Online Worksheets & Tests
  • View Lessons (PDFs)
  • View Printable Worksheets & Tests (PDFs)
  • View Reports
  • Get Started (Tutorial)

Basically, your child watches a video lesson online, after the video lesson it will prompt him/her to an Interactive Review (Q&A). Then, if the child feels ready, they can generate the Online Worksheet for the section of the chapter they just learned. Once they feel confident that they have mastered the concept they can generate a test. The system keeps track of all scores and information for both the student and the parent/teacher to view.

How We Used the Online Mini Courses

My very first piece of advice would to be to familiarize yourself with the parent/teacher dashboard first. It helps to read the “Get Started” tutorial. This will give you a better idea of how this program works. After you have done so, I suggest that you go over the student dashboard with your child. Guiding them to the how’s and what’s to do to make their lessons run smooth. We needed to do this a few times.

After they can fully navigate their dashboard they are off and running.

A+ Interactive Math Online Mini Courses. A great supplement for those concepts in Math that your child might need.

As mentioned above, we used the Elementary and Middle School Multiplication Mini Course and the Measurements and Conversions Mini Course.

The one thing that both my daughter and I really appreciated was that we were not forced to stick to lessons by order. For instance: the Introduction to Multiplication was a lesson that we could easily skip because she already had a full understanding of the “why’s” and had already been introduced to multiplication. By not having to complete each lesson in order before we were able to move on we were able to jump straight to the areas that she needed help in. This really cut down on the unnecessary seat time and boredom.

A+ Interactive Math Online Mini Courses. Great independent child led lessons.

Another neat feature is the adorable emoji’s that pop up during the Interactive Review. If you have turned on a tablet, phone, or computer in the last few years you know that emoji’s are everywhere. The ones that pop up when answering the question correct made our daughter smile because they were so adorable. I understand that this isn’t an important aspect to this program but making my child smile during a math lesson is something that I am happy to see.

Be sure to check out all that A+ Interactive Math has to offer.

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Math Mini-Courses {A+ Interactive Math Review}

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