A Review for the Mompreneur ~ Balancing Diapers and Deadlines Course

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A review of Balancing Diapers & Deadlines Course

You’re a Mompreneur! A stay-at-home mom who has started working a business from home and you are struggling to find balance. How to manage home, children, school, and your business is a challenge. Sound familiar?

Lisa Tanner Writing has a course for mompreneurs that provides productivity strategies called Balancing Diapers and Deadlines. The course offers action steps to get you organized and be productive. All without sacrificing your precious family time.

A momprenuer's guide to doing it all!

But first, a little about the Balancing Diapers and Deadlines Course.

The creator of Balancing Diapers and Deadlines, Lisa Tanner, is a former school teacher turned homeschool mom to 8. She is a freelance writer, virtual assistant, and blogger. She also manages her busy life while tending to their farm.

Her goal is to empower busy moms to start and grow their own businesses.

Lisa understand what it feels like to be behind on laundry, juggle meal times, teach her children at home, and want to contribute to your family’s finances. All while trying to build and run a business from home.

Through lots of trials and experiments of her own (and a few “learning” failures) she has put together this course to show you how you can successfully concur being a mompreneur, a work-at-home mom.

A momprenuer's guide to doing it all!

Balancing Diapers to Deadlines is an easy-to-follow course that is broken down from units to lessons and provides small actions steps to help you be more productive with your day. Affording you the time to work on your business while guarding your family time.

What we received.

Complete access to the course was given, including all units, lessons, action steps, and printables to complete some of the action steps. The entire process was quick and easy. Sign up and logging in were a breeze, along with easy access to the course. This really is a no-fuss, simple, and to the point productivity course. Perfect for busy mompreneurs!

Each lesson is a short post that doesn’t take much time to read.  Again, another perfect time saver for busy moms. In the posts, Lisa shares what works (and in some cases – doesn’t work) to get the most out of your day.

After each read (lesson) is a baby action step for you to consider.

How I used it. 

As a busy mompreneur myself, I totally appreciated the short lessons and baby action steps. I was able to read the lessons in just a few minutes. Some of the action steps are fairly quick and others did take a bit more time to figure out.

The action steps that took a bit more time were the ones that I needed to have a chat with my family or plan something out. For instance, jotting down your daily *must do’s* list. Whereas this didn’t take too much time, it did take some thought. The action step was to figure out exactly what MUST BE DONE each day in order to have peace and harmony in our home.

One aspect that I completely appreciated was that this course was designed for you to take your time and complete at your own pace. Taking time to implement the productivity tips as you see fit.

Final thoughts.

The course starts out with very basic information that most moms new to homeschooling and owning and running a business might already know. It’s always good to hear it again and get a refresher course though. As you get into the *meat* of the units she offers some fabulous tips on how to get your family totally involved and onboard. Even down to the smallest members.

I will be implementing quite a few of the strategies and productivity tips into our days. This course has challenged me and encouraged me to set up better *business hours* along with involving my family more. They will celebrate big wins with me, not just hear about them.

I will also be lowering my expectations of what I feel is important in our daily schedule. What do I mean by this? There is no way to do everything you THINK needs to be done during the day. I cannot have a spotless (eat off the floor) home, work an 8 hour day, homeschool my children, run errands, have time for self-care, family time…. and on, and on… all in one day. I’m learning to recognize our season of life and what to be ok with not being perfect.

There is so much more I wish I could share, but I do not want to give away the secrets within this fabulous course. I encourage you to consider this course if you are a work-at-home mom. The ‘Child of the Day’ lesson is priceless…. just say’n!

You can go here to get more info and hopefully get started on your productive mompreneur journey.

Balancing Diapers and Deadlines {Lisa Tanner Writing Reviews}


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