An Affordable DIY Consonant Blends Game

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                  An Affordable DIY Consonant Blends Game!

DIY Consonant Blends Game

*Plus a Free Printable below*

Not only is this an affordable DIY consonant blends game – it’s hands on and fun.  You do not need to purchase fancy or expensive curriculum to teach phonics in the early years. With some everyday household items, a little time and creativity, you can create a blends lesson that will surely make you a Rock Star Mom.

Many children learn best when they can play and manipulate the lesson they are learning. Often times, they don’t even realize they are learning when they are “playing” during a lesson. Creating games and activities in the early elementary years can surely make what may seem like a “school chore” to some kids, a super-exciting activity that they will want to do. Making learning fun is where it’s at!

We use very little worksheet-type printables in our homeschool. This isn’t to say that we don’t use any, just very few. When our children were learning their consonant blends, I did not want them just to write and repeat written words to learn them. I knew I had to create a “game” out of them.

I’m sure you have heard this wonderful saying.

Ben Franklin teaching quote

I use as many of the resources I have on hand that I can for creating such games. Making your own lessons, games and activities is a great way to keep your homeschool in budget and affordable.

Resources you will need for this blends activity:

  1. Ice Cube Tray
  2. Popsicle or Craft Sticks
  3. Permanent Marker
  4. Round (yard sale style) stickers
  5. A List of Consonant Blends {provided for you – get your free printable below}

*A tip for gathering resources for this activity: – (and many other activities & games)

Popsicle sticks can be found at yard sales and thrift stores very cheap. Making them a great resource to always have on hand. There are so many uses for them. We use them for learning activities, games and for creative free art.

**If you do not have these items already in your homeschool arsenal you can usually find what you need or something similar at a dollar store. Still making this a cheap very inexpensive learning activity.

DIY Consonant Blends Game

Putting your fun activity together:

*your kids will think you really are a Rock Star Mom for creating this fun learning game*

  • From the list of consonant blends – write all of them on the round stickers using a permanent marker
  • Place the stickers in the ice cube tray:
    -If you are using multiple ice cube trays you can place the sticker in the bottom of the tray
    -If you are using just one tray you can place the stickers on the sides (as pictured)
  • Write consonant blend words on the Popsicle/craft sticks – using the permanent marker
  • You might want to grab your child to play this game, unless you want to just play this yourself!

How the game is played:

  • Lay the word sticks all around the table or floor – face up. The child picks up a word stick, reads the word aloud and then places the stick in the matching blend section of the tray.
    {if the child is being introduced to consonant blends – only start with a few blends in the beginning and gradually add more as they learn more. You can also visit this consonant blends game by clicking here – great for beginners and introducing blends}

Additional variations of the game:

  • Hide the blend sticks around the room first. When they find a word stick they place it in the correct section of the tray.
  • You can call out a blend or point to one of the stickers in the tray and they find a word matching that blend on the table, floor, or hidden around the room.
  • When they place the blend in the appropriate section they can think of another word that has that same consonant blend.
  • The child verbalizes a sentence to you using the blend word on the word stick as they place it in the tray.
  • You verbalize a sentence with a blend word from a word stick and they have to locate the blend from the pile and place in the tray.

I’m sure you can create many more variations of this learning activity that I haven’t thought of. Use your imagination or just follow your child’s lead. You might be amazed at what they can come up with all on their own.

I hope you and your child enjoy this blends activity.

***You can get your FREE Consonant Blends Printable by clicking here***

I would love to see how you and your child played this Consonant Blends Activity. 

You can leave me a message below or contact me on any of these social media outlets.



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  1. Such a fun idea! I have been looking all over for ideas like this and this is by far the best one I’ve seen. Thank you!!

  2. Oh’, thanks Jana! Your words are so kind. I’m glad you enjoyed this idea. There will be lots to come! 🙂

  3. Thanks, Jenn! I hope it works for you and your little. Thanks for stopping by!

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