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Review of the online typing course: UltraKey Online Family Subscription

Recently we have added more online learning to our homeschool. I thought it was only fitting that we needed to focus on our typing skills. We jumped at the opportunity to review an online typing program: UltraKey Online Family Subscription from Bytes of Learning.

UltraKey Online Family Subscription

UltraKey is an affordable online keyboarding and typing program.  The Family Subscription is designed for 3, 5, or 8 users with a price range of $29.95 – $49.95 for a one year subscription.

Setting up the program does take a bit of time, but with so many functions it assures your success. There’s a lot of info to take in, but with a little patience it’s worth it.

You have given the option to set your preferred background and even hand placement view.

UltraKey is a self-paced program that provides loads of video tutorials and lessons.

The manager of the program (parent) sets all passwords and goals for each student. Complete User-Controllable Settings allow you to set up your child(ren) to get the absolute most out of the program.

There’s a very thorough and detailed online Family Guide (91 pages) that provides detailed information about getting started, browser requirements, the *my dashboard* area, and more. This guide describes every aspect of typing and how to succeed in the program.

Accuracy goals and speed goals can be set according to each child’s skill level or needs. They program also provides reports for every detail of the program. You can view (and print) detailed reports for the modules, skill levels, reports, and even certificates.

Each child entered has their own sign-in and password. The program keeps track of their levels, accuracy, and rewards. The manager (parent) has access through a separate dashboard to check each child’s progress and set or change goals.

Bottom line – you have total control over the program. Assuring you and your child get the best out of the program. As previously mentioned, the program is self-paced and can fit the needs of many types of learners and skill levels.

UltraKey can be used for Special Needs learners. The Guide gives great detail on how this typing program can help.

In addition to the typing program is the Game area. You control the settings of the games and the restrictions (if you choose to set any).

Above is an example of one of the games.

How we used this typing program.

Originally I set our account up for myself, our oldest daughter (teenager), and our youngest son (soon to be 10) to use. I figured it would not hurt me to freshen up on my typing skills. There’s always room for improvement, right?

Our oldest does a great amount of writing (stories and eventually a book) on the computer and I thought this program would also help her improve. Our youngest doesn’t do too much typing as of yet, but with a technical driven world – it won’t be too far off for him.

I was not able to get as far into the program as I would have liked due to other prior commitments that kept my time from being free, but what I was able to accomplish was pretty interesting. It was compelling to see the areas of improvement that I needed to work on in order to be more efficient in my typing. I do write a blog, after all.

Our oldest was able to start working the program pretty quickly on her own without a lot of guidance or instruction from me. We did review and discuss a few details in the beginning but once she got the hang of it she was off and typing. She found the program to be ok. There are no real thrills or frills to this program. It is very *to the point*. This is NOT a bad thing. Perfect for the child who gets distracted easily.

Our youngest however did not care for the program as much. I attribute this to his age and maybe his lack of not really wanting to learn the keyboard and typing. I am not giving this program a thumbs down because of this. It just doesn’t fit him right now. I did not want to force this program on him, but we do have a date for further discussion on the importance of learning this skill and how it will help him in the future. I believe after a short break he might look at the program a bit differently during his next go round.

If you are looking of a low frills typing program for your homeschool child or family give – UltraKey Family Subscription a try. For the price of a family program it can’t be beat.

UltraKey {Bytes of Learning Reviews}


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