Astronomy In Your Homeschool

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Apologia Educational Ministries is one of the best homeschool curriculum publishers available. (in my opinion) So it was only fitting that we were delighted when we were chosen to review for them again. This time we had the privilege of reviewing Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition

I have to admit that I didn’t offer Astronomy in our homeschool very much over the years. It really isn’t my forte. It never excited me much.

With the help and guidance of Apologia my mindset has changed a bit. Astronomy is pretty exciting and interesting after all. Who knew?

Homeschool Science - Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy

This is what we received and how we used it.

  • Student Text
  • Notebooking Journal
  • Jr. Notebooking Journal
  • Audio CD

Exploring Creation with Astronomy 2nd Edition_zpsjju4xhux

Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition is a complete Astronomy Science curriculum intended for a full school year. The grade levels are K-6. This science curriculum is great for teaching multiple grade levels at one time. The content of this curriculum is Biblical based.


The Student Textbook is a sturdy hard cover book with amazing pictures and is used as the main textbook you and/or your student reads through. This textbook will accompany the Notebook Journals. (more on these fabulous creatures in a moment) In the Student Textbook is an Introduction page explaining about the Activities, Course Website (a bonus for you), Notebooking Journals, Science Kit (optional) and a Summary of the textbook.

The Supply List is in the (Appendix) back of the Student Textbook and is laid out per lesson. Most of the supplies are normal household supplies. Also in the Appendix is the Answer Key to the “What Do You Remember” questions. (found at the end of each lesson)

This is an excerpt from the Introduction page: “This textbook was designed to launch your mind on an educational journey through God’s incredible universe.”  Isn’t that fantastic! A statement like this makes Astronomy sound so appealing to me. Learning about the Universe through the Creator is a fabulous way to learn.

Apologia Astronomy. A complete homeschool astronomy science curriculum.

The Notebooking Journal’s are spiral bound books that come in two different levels. There’s the Notebooking Journal, intended for upper elementary & the Notebooking Journal Jr. is intended for the lower elementary level. The assignments in each Journal are the same just at different levels. This way you can work with multiple children at the same time. These Journals are sold separately so you can purchase one or as many as needed.

There are Activities (very doable) included in the Journals. Here’s a few examples of the activities found: create your own mnemonic, create a solar system, making craters, make a compass, make a hurricane tube, and more.

There’s a suggested daily schedule already laid out for you. Which you can use to suit your needs. This keeps your planning very minimal. You may only need to review what supplies are needed for each lesson.

Homeschool Science Curriculum. Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy

These Journals are meant to record facts in the students own voice. There’s a designated place where students can record Fascinating Facts and Personal Reflection. They can write down and/or illustrate what they have learned that was interesting or important to them.

There’s also Scripture Copywork, Activity Documentation, and Miniature Books they can make in the Journals. There are also Vocabulary Reviews. These reviews can be in the form of crossword puzzles, flip ups, etc.

There’s a Taking It Further section where they are encouraged to read outside materials, watch videos, field trips, etc to further their knowledge of the lesson. There is also a Apologia Science Kit (sold separately – that was not sent to us for review) that can be used for extra activities.

At the end of the lesson there are “What Do You Remember” review questions. The answers can be found in the back of the book. There is also a Final Review for the entire course.


We were also provided an Audio CD that the student can listen to and follow along with the Student Textbook.

Homeschool Science Astronomy

This activity wasn’t listed in the Journal but we decided to “take it a step further” and make our own constellations by first drawing an outline of our constellation, then punching holes for stars and shining a flashlight through the paper on the wall in a dark room.

The true critics:

Mr. Funny Pants: “I love it! I really, really, really love doing the activities.”

Drummer Boy: “I like it! I love the activities. I am learning a few things I never knew.”

As always, Apologia did not disappoint. This curriculum is fantastic. Even for an Astronomy skeptic such as myself. Our boys get excited when it’s time to do science now. If you are looking for a full homeschool science curriculum than I highly recommend looking into Apologia.

Find them on:
Twitter: @apologiaworld


Exploring Creation with Astronomy, 2nd Edition Review
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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing if they offer any of these books at our local library. My daughter loves science.

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