Indoor Summer Activity

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Too Hot To Go Outside This Summer?
Beat the summer heat with a free snowman word scramble.

Summertime can be so much fun when you’re a kid. I bet some of your fondest memories were made in the summer months.

On the flip side… summer can be a real scorcher!  It can be quite a challenge to get outside when the heat is high. There are days when you (and your littles) just want to stay inside and stay cool.

One way to stay cool is to channel that inner winter feeling — cool crisp air, maybe the chill of snow on your fingertips. When you think of an activity that keeps you pretty cool, you might think of snow or building a snowman.

This is the perfect time to surprise your little with a cool indoor activity.

Here’s a cute, yet quick and simple activity you can surprise your kiddos with on a hot summer day. Ya know, just to cool things off and change it up a bit.

Snowman Word Scramble

Beat the summer heat with a cool indoor activity.

For some extra fun, you can encourage them to draw the item they unscrambled next to the word or at the bottom of the worksheet.

Beat the summer heat with a cool indoor activity.

Just click on the worksheets above and you are on your way to a cooler summer day! has graciously allowed me to offer this freebie to you!

Beat the summer heat while snuggling inside with your kids with this fun Snowman Word Scramble. For more engaging spelling activities, go to!

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How are you betting the summer heat?
We would love to see your snowman word scramble in action. Share your pics with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Stay cool!


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