Beloved: 365 Devotions For Young Women {review}

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Devotional For Teens and Young Women

Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women


Zondervan is one of our favorite Christian Publishers. The quality and content is always top notch and never disappoints. When the opportunity to review their latest release: Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women came about, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

As a busy mom, time spent on personal Bible devotions are important. Most often, the daily message helps get through any difficult times throughout the day or week. That daily word acts as a reminder of God’s power.

It’s important to us that we teach our children to have the same outlook on personal Bible time. Daily devotions are a great place to start. 

But first, a little about Zondervan.

Zondervan publishing started in a Michigan farmhouse in 1931 and continued to grow and expand with great success. Zondervan is a world leading Bible publisher and publishes over 300 titles a year. These include well-known and notable authors.

I encourage you to read about their history here.


Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women

What we received.

The Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women is a beautiful hardcover book with 371+ sturdy pages. The design throughout the book is very soft and feminine.  The target age is 13-18 years. (more thoughts on this targeted age in a minute) The daily devotions consist of a Bible verse, related text (devotion) and a 4 lined journaling space at the bottom to record thoughts, concerns, reflections, lessons, prayers, etc.

The devotions are short, sweet, and to the point. Thus making them a quick read, allowing time to dig deeper into the Bible, if desired. Even though the devotions do not take much time to read, they pack a punch and offer very powerful insight.


Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women

The content of the devotional is geared toward issues that can pop up in young women’s lives. Encouraging their faith, building confidence, discussion of relationships, inner beauty, and so much more, are discussed in this devotional.

All of the devotions are from inspiring women and girls in the Bible, such as Ruth, Esther, Abigail, Bathsheba, Tamar, and so on. Their stories are used as the foundation of the devotion and how their story can relate to happenings in the lives of young women today.

One very unique feature is that the devotions are stretched over multiple daily pages to dig deeper into that woman of the Bible’s story. You may discuss the happenings of Abigail and her life for a few days. A very neat approach, actually. 

The scripture is taken from the NIV Bible. (New International Version)


Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women

How we used it.

When the opportunity to review this product was first brought to my attention it was in the month of November and I knew right away that I wanted to give this devotional to our teenage daughter as a Christmas gift. A new year-long devotional makes a perfect gift for Christmas. They will get it in time to start fresh on the first day of the following year.

With that being said, I knew that I was the one that would be reading through it to do the review. After receiving it, I was glad I did it this way.

The devotions are very powerful in the fact that they speak to the issues women often face. I think this devotional is not just for young women, but women of all ages could benefit.

The language is very modern and relatable, especially to young girls today. The conversation is that of talking with a girlfriend.

I do need to add a bit of a WARNING though. The topics are taken straight from Bible Scripture, so there are some discussions of sex, rape, adultery, and so on. You will need to decide if these are topics your daughter is mature enough to discuss and handle.


Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women

For example, there’s a section of devotionals that discuss Bathsheba and David’s adulterous relationship. (the beginning of their relationship) Also, Tamar and her brother, the discussion of him raping her and then throwing her out. As a matter of fact, the devotion touches on the fact that he was “a jerk.” (words from the book)

One tip I can offer is to go through these daily devotions with your daughter. Do the devotions together. This gives you the opportunity to discuss some touchy and sensitive topics with her that she may be uncomfortable with on her own. 

I do feel that some of the topics are a bit rough for our daughter at this time in her life. I will most likely still give this to her as a Christmas gift, but I am going to take my own advice and do the devotions daily with her. This not only allows me to discuss important topics with her but also strengthens our relationship. Something else a young woman needs. 

Final thoughts!

Since only having this devotional for a short time and having to read through it privately, I have not read through the entire thing. However, what I did read was good and I look forward to our daughter and I doing this together. 

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Beloved: 365 Devotions for Young Women {Zondervan Review}
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