Beric The Briton Audio Drama~ Review

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Beric The Briton Audio Drama
Audio Adventures for Christian Families 

Do you use audio dramas in your homeschool?

I was very excited when the opportunity came up for us to review Beric The Briton from Heirloom Audio Productions because we haven’t incorporated many Audio Dramas into our homeschool. Boy am I glad we did!
If you are not familiar with the difference between Audio Books and Audio Dramas – here’s the difference: Audio Books tend to be a story told by a narrator (like being read to) and an Audio Drama takes you on an adventure by characters being played out by different actors. Imagine a play {theater} but in an audio form. This allows your children {and you} to use your imagination and pulls you directly into the story. The sounds and effects are so vivid and raw you feel like you are in the scene.

Do you use Audio Dramas in your homeschool? Beric The Briton by Heirloom Audio Productions takes you and your children on an adventure unimaginable. The dramatic sounds and effects take you straight into the story. The story brings Christian Biblical messages into this adventure!

Audio Dramas make History Come Alive

Beric The Briton Audio Theater

Quick Synopsis: This audio drama is 2-1/2 hours of non-stop adventure adapted from a G.A. Henty novel. It takes place during the Roman invasion of ancient Britannia. There are many characters {played by an extraordinary cast – more on them in a bit} but the two main characters are Beric and his best friend Bodouc. They take you along their adventure of being captured by Romans, trained as gladiators, and service to Emperor Nero. They will discover their pagan ways and discover Christianity. The time period is around 60 AD. This is a fascinating tale that makes history come alive. All with Christian values. Designed for ages 6 to adult.

Beric The Briton Audio Drama by Heirloom Audio Productions

What We Received

~2 Disc Audio Theater CD Set with Case
~Beric The Briton MP3 Set
~Beric The Briton E-Book
~Official MP3 Soundtrack
~Behind The Scenes Video
~Printable Cast Poster
~Study Guide and Discussion
~Inspirational Verse Poster
~Live the Adventure Letter

Meet The CastBeric The Briton Audio Drama Cast

How We Used This Magnificent Resource

This review came at the perfect time for us. My middle child broke his arm this summer and his orthopedic doctor was about an hour north of us. We would pop in the cd and listen to this action packed adventure during our car ride. My two boys would bring Lego figures with them and act out the scenes from the back seat. The sound effects are amazing in the car. Additionally, it made our ride quicker and more enjoyable. I have to admit that I was a little shocked at how intense they listened to the story and asked to listen to it with every long car ride.

I plan on downloading the MP3 set, the E-Book, and MP3 Soundtrack to each of their tablets. This way they can listen to or read the story anytime they please.

At the time of this review we haven’t used the Study Guide and Discussion yet. However, I plan on adding this to our academic agenda for our upcoming school year. This Study Guide acts as lessons for each story line section ranging from about four to ten minute increments of the audio. The guide directs you to the time stamp of the audio so you know exactly where to start and stop listening to answer the questions.
Each set of questions has three parts:
THE LISTENING WELL questions ask your child what he has heard or what he remembers. Some of the questions are easier than others, but you can find the answers to all of them simply by listening to the story once or twice more.
THE THINKING FURTHER questions ask your child to think a bit—to look up something mentioned in the story, to draw conclusions from the characters’ actions, or to speculate about the intentions, mindset, and character of Beric, Boduoc, and their friends and enemies.
THE DEFINING WORDS section gives your child an opportunity to enhance his vocabulary and understanding of the story. He or she will need to use a dictionary for most of the words.
There is also a recommended reading list for those who want to know more about Britain and Rome in the 1st Century AD. Plus, there are three Bible studies that can be completed to help get a better understanding of the biblical meanings that are mentioned in the story.
As you can see, there is more to this audio theater than just listening to a story.

I signed up for the Live The Adventure Letter (Newsletter sent to email) and when I receive the newsletter in my inbox I am forwarding them to my children’s email addresses. I spent some time on the Live The Adventure website and it was quite fantastic. You can get to it by clicking here. Go check it out. The site offers so much I can’t possible talk about it all.

Beric The Briton Audio Drama Heirloom Audio Productions

Final Thoughts & Out Of The Mouths Of Babes!

Confession Time… I wish I had introduced Audio Dramas a lot sooner. My two youngest (8 & 10 yrs of age) are typical boys – squirmy, active, and rambunctious! I wasn’t sure if listening to an audio drama was going to keep their attention. Boy was I wrong! They would beg to listen and then reenact the scenes with their Lego Minifigures. I’m picturing a whole coliseum in the future…lions and all!

Mr. Funny Pants (8 yr old) ~ “I liked it a lot. Yes, I loved it!” “I liked that it was about ‘old’ times.” “It seemed like it was right in front of my face!”

Drummer Boy (10 yr old) ~ ” I liked the Christian message.” man of many words-can ya tell?

Butterfly (12 yr old daughter) ~ “I think they should make a movie.” It makes you use your imagination and makes it come to life.”

Beric The Briton Audio Drama Adventure

The CD set and all the bonuses are available in the Family Four-Pack Package for $99.97. {a $279.80 value}

Now that I know my children adore the audio dramas by Heirloom Audio Productions I am looking forward to adding the other titles available to our homeschool arsenal.
~The Dragon and the Raven
~With Lee in Virginia
~In Freedom’s Cause
~Under Drake’s Flag

Where to find Heirloom Audio Productions on Social Media:
Beric The Briton FB Page

The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty series FB page




Instagram: @HeirloomAudioOfficial

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions Review
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