Bible Study Guide for All Ages ~ Review

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Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Do you include Bible in your homeschool as a subject? We did for a long time and then decided to try our hand at it as individuals. I was so pleased to get the opportunity to include it as part of our homeschool again when we were given the opportunity to review the Bible Study Guide For All Ages  Advanced (5th & 6th grade).

But first… a little about them! 

The Bible Study Guide for All Ages curriculum was created by a woman named Mary Baker in the 70’s, then later published in 1980. Mary couldn’t find a Bible curriculum that she felt would help and teach her four kids and her class at their church. They just didn’t teach them in a way that children would be able to understand and implement the lessons in their lives. The Bible Study Guide for All Ages has continued to develop and create more amazing products through the years, but the reason Mary constructed this company still remains the same: a Bible curriculum that children and adults of all ages will comprehend. They believe that the Bible is our guidebook for life, and that God sent His Son down to earth to save us.

” All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”   2 Timothy 3:16-17

What we received.

As I said in the beginning, we received the (amazing!!!) Bible Study Guide for All Ages for grades 5th and 6th Unit 1 which included;

  • The Advanced student pages unit 1
  • The Advanced teacher’s key unit 1
  • The Bible book summary cards unit 1

You can order wall maps and timeline charts, as well as a CD kit which includes two CDs with 90 songs. You can also purchase the complete kit, which comes with all of the lessons, the lesson cards, the teacher’s manual, CDs, and the posters!


How we used it and our final thoughts!

Technically, this grade level only suits our youngest son (5th grade). But, it still works really well with older kids! It’s fun and interactive for everyone, not just the students in this particular grade level. This Bible study lives up to its name, “for all ages”! It’s easy to understand and very hands on. With questions and drawing assignments and crafts, it’s perfect for the crafty, hands-on kid and the audible learner! It is perfect for family time.

My daughter’s thoughts;

“Even though this curriculum is technically 3-4 grades below my grade (9th), I think it brought a unique perspective to studying the Bible. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and the activities! I’m really hoping to start the study for teens. I just love how creative the illustrations and Q&As are! Overall, I very much enjoyed this experience!”

My oldest son’s thoughts;

“It is pretty good. A very fun way to learn the Bible.”

My youngest son’s thoughts;

“I liked it. It’s good. It’s fun and a good way to learn.”

Final thoughts.
As the mom and teacher, I really appreciated adding Bible back into our homeschool schedule. Whereas I do feel it’s important to teach your children how to study the Bible on their own, this is a fantastic addition. Anytime we can sit together and do a subject or topic as a family is always a blessing to me. Even more, learning about the Bible together is an even greater treasure.

Bible Study Guide For All Ages {Reviews}

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