Breaking Entitlement In Our Children

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Breaking Entitlement In Our Children

I know you’ve heard others talk about this modern society being self absorbed and entitled. You might have even said it yourself. I know I have. So, how do we go about Breaking Entitlement In Our Children?

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Breaking the chain of Entitlement in our children, ourselves, and others. Undoing the negative effects of Entitlement. The Entitlement Cure by Dr. John Townsend

I was blessed with a copy of The Entitlement Cure by Dr. John Townsend from Family Christian.

The truth is, that our world has had a problem with Entitlement since the beginning. As humans, we often feel like we deserve to live this life “the easy way.” We feel like we are entitled to live life without hard times. It’s up to us to break that cycle with our kids and not teach them to live an entitled life. Enter – The Entitlement Cure!

Not only will this book help you with dealing with what the author refers to as “pocket entitlement” (oh yes, we all suffer from it – to some degree) and dealing with others in your life that suffer from this entitlement disease. Most of us can relate to having someone in our lives that feel they are owed more in life.

Hebrews 12:11
“No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful.
Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness
and peace for those who have been trained by it.” NIV

The author, John Townsend, helps us to identify our own “pocket entitlement” and how we can learn to recognize when it rears it’s ugly head, and put an end to it. This book is a great tool for learning how to deal and cope with people who suffer from Entitlement. You will read how to handle and address entitlement in a loving, yet, rational manner. One that will potentially help the other person and help you deal with it.

So, how will this help us to break the cycle of Entitlement in our children?
How is this The Entitlement Cure?

Below are a few things I have taken from the book that I will be implementing into our daily life with our children.

  • Praise what takes an effort – not what can’t be controlled. (looks, beauty, comical, etc. These are gifts people are given. Not that they worked towards.) “Looks will fade over time but character doesn’t” {book quote}
  • Praise hard work and achievement – hard work by putting in great effort towards a goal.
  • Proper praise – without praise there may be no striving to do their best.
  • Proper discipline – Your “rights” end when they impact others. {book quote}
  • Proper discipline – when there is no discipline there is no reality of what hurts others or even themselves.

We need to be sure we are building character in our children. This helps them to become the productive members of society that they need to be.

The Entitlement Cure by Dr. John Townsend. Break the Entitlement cycle with your children and help others find success in doing Hard things the RIGHT way.

Making sure that the discipline they receive is done to help them and to understand the consequences of their actions. Discipline should not be done just out of our anger. This is a tough one sometimes. It’s hard to discipline in a manor that isn’t damaging when you are just down right angry at what the child has done. However, discipline is meant to serve as a direction or lesson and not just as a punishment – that serves no purpose.

Ultimately, The Entitlement Cure is so much more than a guide to just help us build character in our children. It will teach us ALL to Find Success In Doing Hard Things The Right Way. If you are dealing with someone who suffers from Entitlement the author helps with Undoing The Negative Effects of Entitlement.

This book comes with rave reviews. If you are ready to place your order, you can go to the Family Christian website and get your copy today.

I would love to hear from you.
Tell me your thoughts about the advice the author gives in this book.
What areas did this book help you with?
Was it with your own “pocket entitlement” or with helping others with their entitlement?


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this book review with us! I really like this author, so I am looking forward to reading this book.

    I really believe that understanding the effects of HOW we praise our children is a vital gift for our children. Thanks so much!

  2. I really like everything John Townsend writes and I am sure this book will be another book of his that I read. I have always taught my children that you are not “entitled” to anything, someone had to work for it and that they are no different. I believe that us as parents can be their greatest example, we just need to be very aware of this. Thank you for sharing this book with us!
    Alana@ I have a Future and a Hope recently posted…A Day in our Life of HomeschoolingMy Profile

  3. Yes, we aren’t entitled! You are so right. I strongly urge everyone to read this book. Not only is this a great lesson for us individually and a lesson to teach our kids, it’s also a great tool on dealing with entitled people in our lives. It helps us to react in a productive way and to help those who feel they’re entitled deal with entitlement. Thanks for your comment, Alana!

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