CashCrunch Careers ~ Product Review

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Discovering a career path in high school!

With a homeschooled child entering high school, we figured it was a good time to start discussing possible career paths. There are so many career choices out there. Finding one fitted to your personality and desires would seem like an easy choice, right? Well, not always!

CashCrunch Games created a career assessment survey known as CashCrunch Careers to help you find the career that is best suited for you.

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Our high school student was granted the opportunity to join CashCrunch Games and take the CashCrunch Careers survey to aid her in planning for her future career.

Find the career that was meant for you! high College Career, job.

But first, a little about them!

CashCrunch Careers and CashCrunch Games is founded by Paul Vasey. Mr. Vasey holds a Business Education Degree and is trying to close the gap on the fundamental disconnect between the way students make their career choices and what careers are suited to fit them. Commonly students find a college first and then a major. Thus resulting in confusion and switched majors. Mainly by the cause of the career not being what they thought it was.

To begin, each individual is prompted to take a fairly quick survey. Taking roughly 10-15 minutes and around 75 easy to answer questions. Each surveyor is asked questions based on their inherent personality traits.

Upon completion of the survey, you are given a report based on how you answered.

Find the career that was meant for you! high College Career, job.

There are 5 sections in your Career Survey Report:

Find the career that was meant for you! high College Career, job.

Find the career that was meant for you! high College Career, job.

Find the career that was meant for you! high College Career, job.

Find the career that was meant for you! high College Career, job.

Find the career that was meant for you! high College Career, job.

Below each section, the results of the assessment are given based on the database findings.   Below the Matching Jobs section is the top 20 jobs the database has selected for you. CashCrunch Careers uses research from the US Department of Labor and recruitment tools from the corporate world.

The purpose of the survey is to aid in the planning of a future career that will be long-lasting and fulfilling. To give important information on finding the right college and program to meet the career goals of your choice. Designed to lead the career-minded student down a successful path suited for them and eliminating any unnecessary planning or changes.

What we received. 

We were granted access to CashCrunch Careers, which includes their career survey, assessment tools, Careers Report, and the Explore Careers section.

Upon taking the survey, we had access to the full report based on the survey response. In the report was a list of  20 jobs based on the results. Statics about each job is also available to review. Each job description included Project Growth, Projected Need, Tasks, Activities of the job, and Attributes needed for the position. In addition, a list of colleges that offer degrees is provided along with a video explaining what the career entails.

The cost is $99.

How we used it.

As mentioned above, our high schooler was the one to take the survey and receive the report. After being granted access to the site, she created a login account and profile. This was a pretty easy process. She was eager to take the survey and see the results since we have been discussing different career choices and options quite frequently.

The survey questions were fairly simple to answer. The answer options were a choice between two words. Most questions asked you which option best suited you and\or your personality.

Your surveyor will need to be aware of their own likes, dislikes, personality traits, etc. in order to answer honestly.

Based on her spirit and personality, we felt that the Career Work Styles section was spot on. As well as the Motivators and De-Motivators section. All gave perfect points based on her personality. Career Attributes was also on point. She felt that all the attributes listed described her very well. I had to agree.

However, when it came to the Matching Jobs portion of the report (which we felt was a vital key) we were very disappointed. We felt that the jobs chosen for her did NOT match the rest of the report. Or her for that matter.

The attributes to the job descriptions did not match the attributes the report stated she had. Out of 20 job suggestions, the majority were jobs in management. We understand that there are many different levels and job fields that fall under these categories but none of these even came close to suggesting what her strengths and motivators are.

Funeral Director and Farmer were also thrown in the mix. These seemed completely random to us.

Our final thoughts.

As followers of this blog, you know that I always give you our honest opinion regardless of whether we have been compensated or not for that product. It’s how we roll here!

We were pleased with some of the report, such as attributes and so on. However, that info can easily be found in other places. What we were really hoping for was help and guidance in planning our teenager’s future career. She has so many choices and likes that she was hoping to narrow it down and find solid info on a career. We don’t feel we found that in this.

We have access to a career assessment database through the umbrella school we use for homeschooling. This career assessment is administered through a college and the results given are completely different….. and far more accurate than those of CashCrunch Careers.

The videos in the program are quite outdated and maybe a bit boring or disconnecting to students in today’s time.

We also had a problem with staying on the site. When we would explore career details we were constantly kicked out. We had to login in multiple times throughout each of our sessions.

Final thought…

This program is not entirely off, we did find very helpful information about colleges and careers that were not otherwise on the radar. I’m not sure we will be pursuing any further info on the careers presented to our daughter, but are appreciative of the opportunity to explore. With all that being said, I’m not sure the cost of $99 is a thrifty and wise choice of money for homeschoolers who are generally staying within a budget.

CashCrunch Careers {CashCrunch Games Reviews}

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