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It’s no secret that the cost to homeschool is a concern to many homeschool families. Because of that, I was super stoked to get the opportunity to review the CHSH Download Club from I am excited to share my opinion about this very affordable resource that will not only enrich your hom school, but won’t break your homeschool piggy bank.

If you are familiar with the Our Thrifty Home blog than you know that we are all about saving money and living a thrifty lifestyle. is one way we do that. They offer a plethora of resources at such an affordable cost.

What is CHSH? First let me share with you what the CHSH acronym stands for: Christian Homeschool Hub. CHSH is a digital download site where you can download and/or print educational resources to use in your homeschool. They do offer some freebies on their site but the Download Club far exceeds the cost they charge to become a member. It is so worth it! They offer over 50,000 downloadable pages of educational material. This means that even if you are not ready to print out the desired pages you can download them to your computer and save them for the future. This makes creating your own curriculum and planning a breeze!

Here are the subjects they offer:
(With over 50,000 resources I couldn’t possible name them all, so I’ll list the subjects.)
Languages (Spanish, French, Italian, American Sign Language)
Art, Music, & Crafts
Language Arts
Social Studies
Electives (Architecture, Character Studies, Social Issues & Safety Education, Jewish-Israel History)

You can also search by grade: Preschool-12th Grade. There are also resources by month. These include: Holidays and Special Remembrance Days. There is a category for Organization that offers planning resources, awards, and so much more. And the Miscellaneous Resources include: coloring books, word searches, puzzles, lapbooking & notebooking resources, and treasures from the past.

As you can see – there are so many resources available for you at your finger tips. an affordable resource for your homeschool.

The resources we used. There are so many resources to choose from but we had to start somewhere, we we narrowed it down and began with these:

The Summer Olympics were happening during our review period so it was only fitting that we do a few Olympic studies. All three of our kids (12, 10, 8) worked on their Olympic knowledge with these resources and had a blast because they could use the knowledge they were gaining while watching the Olympics on TV.
The titles we used were: The Olympic Rings and Training for the Ancient Olympics


The lessons consisted of Reading Comprehension and Creating their own Olympic Emblem.


Our oldest, affectionately known as Butterfly, has shown an interest in the Human Body. There were loads of great resources for her to choose from. She was in heaven searching all the resources and downloading them to our computer. Our laser printer got a workout that day. She started out with the Human Anatomy Coloring Book. Her intentions are to color all the pages (35 pages) and label each page, then make her own resource book.


My suggestion is to browse the resources with your child and either make a list of their interests with them or start a download file on your computer of the resources they find interesting.

Here are some other ideas we will be implementing into our homeschool year:

Create a binder with crossword puzzles, coloring pages, and more for long road trips. Most kids love to do crosswords, word searches, and such. These will keep them busy for the long haul.

Have a few extra puzzles printed for “extra’s” I can pull out and offer during rainy days, sick days, or just for a fun surprise.

There’s way more than just downloadable resources available with Download Club Membership:

  • -You can upload your own created material to share with other members if you wish.
  • -A forum to communicate with other members.
  • -Daily Devotionals
  • -Videos
  • -Homeschool Laws
  • -A Blog
  • -And so much more!

Here’s what makes this Download Club so affordable and a must have staple in your homeschool arsenal .
There are 2 Subscription Plans Available
Annual is only $25
Lifetime is only $99.99

That is a phenomenal deal!

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. You won’t be disappointed in checking out

Christian HomeSchool Hub {Download Club}
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