Code for Teens ~ Review

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Code for Teens 

The amazing thing about doing this review of Code for Teens – Code For Teens: The Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Programming (Volume 1) is that our teenage daughter gets to shine and show off her writing abilities. She will be doing this review in her own words since she is the recipient of this hilariously funny, yet highly educational book on coding.

Here she goes…

Code for Teens

But first… a little about them!

Let’s face it.

Just about everything we do involves some sort of technology. Creating apps, games, websites and social media platforms is on the rise. So, why not learn the tools of the trade? I mean, after all, they can be very useful to us clever humans! Coding, my dears, is what makes all this and more possible. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter and, our favorite, Pinterest were once little tiny specks in the coding world. Thanks to coding, we can search for unicorn poop meringue recipes any time we want! Yes!!!

The Code For Teens: The Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Programming (Volume 1), teaches teens (like myself ;D) to use the most popular coding platform; JavaScript. Jeremy Moritz and his wife, Christine, constructed this up-to-date curriculum. Their goal is to teach teenagers the ever-growing profession of coding and software engineering without the help of an adult! Jeremy and Christine wanted to create a coding curriculum that would fit the pace of each individual teen who uses it. It is like a slow and steady thing, go easy and get to the end. Go at your own pace. Boom.

Code for Teens

What we received.

We received a book titled: Code For Teens: The Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Programming (Volume 1) The book contains ten chapters, filled with hands-on activities, quizzes, reviews, and questions. It is a sturdy paperback book with 214 durable, glossy pages. Oh, did I mention that this curriculum is STUFFED with cute illustrations and very comical materials? Like, in the beginning materials list, it says “The first thing you need is a computer. If you don’t have a computer, use the library’s or ask to use a friend’s. Or, you can make one out of pipe cleaners, Redstone, and hardened mash potatoes!” All you Minecraft junkies out there will truly appreciate that.

Code for Teens

This book is very lighthearted and funny, you will definitely get a laugh in every lesson! The Answers are included in the rear of the book, as well as a Glossary of Terms, which is extremely useful. The Introduction is four pages long and contains many juicy nuggets of info about coding. There is also a place for mom and dad, A Word for Parents. I honestly don’t know what that contains, it says NO KIDS ALLOWED in big bold letters, so I sadly can’t write about that. My mom has to!

The book is very colorful, and full of adorable illustrations. I absolutely LOVE that! The goal at the end is to create…bum bum bum!… a fun hangman game!

*Hi! Mom here:

The top-secret section she mentioned just reassures you, the parent, that you do not need to know the first thing about coding in order to help your child with this book. Thank goodness! 
It is suggested that you ask your child to show you their work… just simply for accountability. And to listen to them when they show you what great things they have worked on and discovered. That’s it! This is the easiest curriculum I have ever worked with. {<— insert chuckle here!}*

Code for Teens

How we used it and our final thoughts!

Since I am the only teenager in our household as of this year, this curriculum was mine to review! I really loved that it is designed specifically for teenagers and that it is taught in a slow-and-steady-makes-the-game pace. Or, at least that’s my pace. Your kid may complete the whole thing in a month! I have thoroughly enjoyed this curriculum and I personally feel that coding is a good skill to know and learn. Especially growing up in a society that relies on technology so much.

My mom’s thoughts:
Hi there! I’m back to give you a brief sentence or two on my thoughts about Code for Teens. I was not actively involved in this curriculum which was actually a wonderful thing. I think it’s super important that as children get older they learn to….. well, learn on their own! My role was to listen when she wanted to explain what she was doing and to double check her work with the answers that are given at the rear of the book. My job was pretty easy. I did not have not to know anything about coding myself. This book is fantastically written (along with hilarious and entertaining) and we can’t wait to dive deeper into future volumes. 

My final thoughts are basically that I love everything about this curriculum. I can’t wait to create my game!


Code For Teens: The Awesome Beginner's Guide to Programming {Code for Teens Reviews}

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