The Critical Thinking Co. ~ Critical Thinking Skills Review

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Critical Thinking Skills… the fun way!

The Critical Thinking Co.

Something’s Fishy at Lake Iwannafisha


It’s review time again! The Critical Thinking Co.™ has the most amazing critical thinking skills curriculum. We were faced with a tough decision when we had to pick which product to review. After a little investigative skill of our own, our daughter decided on Something’s Fishy at Lake Iwannafisha. She is interested in all things human body and thought she’d give forensic science a shot. 

Critical Thinking Skills - A forensic *whodunit* mystery

She’s glad she did… more about that in a moment.

But first… A little about them!

The Critical Thinking Co. was founded in 1958 under a different name, Midwest Publications. The current company name was founded in November 2003. Founder, John Baker, is committed to developing students’ critical thinking skills for better grades, higher test scores, and success in life.

I absolutely love this quote from their website: “We do not teach through drill and memorization or teach to the tests—we empower the mind!”

Critical Thinking Co.’s Something’s Fishy At Lake Iwannafisha won the Tillywig Brain Child award in 2018. Talk about amazing!

Critical Thinking Skills - A forensic *whodunit* mystery


What Is Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking is identifying and evaluating evidence to guide decision making.

They offer critical thinking skills in a variety of subjects, such as reading, writing, math, science, and history. The goal is to develop the child’s deeper thinking skills to help them in, not only academics but also in life.

The Critical Thinking Co. is a family-owned business and is now run by John’s son, Michael Baker. They offer over 600 titles in a variety of subjects and topics. One of their missions is to make learning fun and to motivate students to learn more.

Their products are designed to cater to all ages and abilities. They offer such a wide range of products, from full curriculum to apps. Their arsenal of choices is far too vast to mention them all. Check out their products page for a full list.

Critical Thinking Skills - A forensic *whodunit* mystery

What we received.

Just the title alone was intriguing… Something’s Fishy at Lake Iwannafisha. This is a *whodunit* forensic mystery workbook. They offer two different versions, a physical paperback book, or an eBook. We received the paperback book in the mail.

This book can be worked by an individual or a small group. The idea is to work as “police detectives” to solve a crime mystery. The student(s) are introduced to forensic evidence such as fingerprints, ballistics, handwriting, arson investigation, etc.


Critical Thinking Skills - A forensic *whodunit* mystery

How we used it and our final thoughts!

Our oldest daughter, 14, who is very much interested in all that gross forensics and autopsy stuff was super excited to dive in this workbook and get her detective thinking skills going. Here is what she has to say about this workbook:

“I am thoroughly pleased with this curriculum! What I absolutely love about Something’s Fishy at Lake Iwannafisha is, well #1, the name! I mean come on, how cute is Iwannafisha? And #2, I love how you can go at your own pace. I truly am diving deep down in my cranial cavity to dig up my critical thinking skills! My brain is getting a big workout doing this curriculum. I think that’s what they are going for… students workin’ their brains to find answers. Overall, I absolutely ADORE this curriculum!”

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Critical Thinking, Understanding Math & Vocabulary {The Critical Thinking Co.™ Reviews}

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