Cut Your Monthly Budget By Ditching Cable

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Cut Your Monthly Budget By Ditching Cable

Most of us pay an average of over $100 for our cable or satellite bills in our monthly budget. That really adds up over the years!

“All these channels and there’s nothing to watch!”¬†Does this sound familiar?

Cutting you monthly budget.

When you are locked into cable or satellite you are forced to buy hundreds of channels that you will NEVER watch. Most of us have our favorite channels and don’t explore much beyond them. This seems like a big waste of money to me.¬†Being of the thrifty nature, I don’t like to waste money.

Our monthly budget was getting stretched a bit thin a few years back and we knew we needed to make some changes or else we might find ourselves in trouble. Obviously we couldn’t sacrifice electric or food so we evaluated our non-necessity bills. Cable was one of those bills.

It was a hard decision at first, but in the long run we didn’t miss it as much as we thought we would.

Our family loves T.V.
As a matter of fact, we’ve had to limit our television time in the past because it has turned into a real time suck. Watching sports is our family jam. Getting rid of television all together wasn’t really an option, however, a change to cut our monthly budget was in order.

The great news is that there are less expensive alternatives to paying for cable out there. One’s that allow you to save money and still stream shows you and your family enjoy.

An additional benefit to cutting your monthly budget by ditching cable is that you are no longer under the thumb of these ridiculous cable and satellite companies anymore. Freedom! The fact that they expect you to sign contracts with them baffles me. It quite irks me really. I love that there are alternatives out there and I don’t have to rely on them for my boob tube time.

Here’s the solution that has worked for us.

We get our local stations (and a few more) by using an Indoor Digital Antenna that’s connected straight to our T.V. They range anywhere from $10 to $150+ and you can find them where they sell electronics or you can order one through Amazon. I personally prefer Amazon because you can read customer reviews.

We utilize a few monthly (NO contract) streaming subscriptions, such as:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Sling TV.
    There are more option out there. These are who we use and know.

Netflix is always changing and adding to there selection so you don’t get stuck with the same shows all the time. You watch when you want to watch. Netflix price point is around $10 a month.

Amazon Prime offers shows and movies in addition to their other perks. Amazon Prime price point is around $11 a month.

Sling TV has a higher price point of around $30 a month, but we don’t keep Sling all year round. We are huge football fans, mainly college football, and the channels the games are broadcast on are only paid cable channels. The Sling sports package allows us to stream college football games to our television. When football season is over we cancel Sling. This way we are only paying for the months we choose to watch. A win-win! {a sad attempt to a pun, I know!}

Cutting your monthly budget.

Let’s recap a little. Netflix $10 + Amazon Prime $11 + Sling $30 (not all year) = $51 a month. If your cable bill is less than $51 a month than you are golden but if you are paying way more than that (like we were) than ditching your cable company and using some of these services will save you money each month. When we aren’t feeding our football habit we are only paying $21 a month to watch T.V. Of course there is the one-time expense of buying the antenna for your television. Which will pay itself off in no time given what you paid monthly for cable service. You also have to pay for internet connection but most likely you’re already paying for that so I didn’t factor that in.

Even if your cable company bundles your services together (internet & cable ~or~ internet/cable/phone) and the cost is very close you still might want to consider getting out of that contract. If you are unable to afford this bill for a short period of time (job loss, saving for something important, home improvements, etc) you will have ALL these services turned off at once. No phone – No cable – No internet. Plus incur “default of contract” charges, even if you just needed a few months to regroup. I personally don’t like having one master over many areas of my finances.

It takes a little bit of time to get used to not having cable right at your finger tips, but give it a shot and you might find you like the freedom. You’ll have more time for family, a hobby, or projects you want to get done.

Do you think you could do it? A NO cable service challenge. Could you stand to lower your monthly bills? Most of us would answer “yes.”

How about it? Are you ready to cut that cable umbilical cord?

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