Doctor Aviation ~ {Review}

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Educational Resource for Aviation

This review of Aviation History by Doctor Aviation was a bit different for us. This online course is intended for ages 16+ and we don’t quite fit that range as of yet. So my husband decided he might like to learn a little about aviation and aircraft.

What is Doctor Aviation?

Wow! Where do I begin? There is a lot to mention here.

The founder, Daryl Smith has quite a resume! Daryl Smith is a former member of the Air Force. (24 years) He was a Command Pilot and an Instructor Pilot. He taught aviation at the United States Air Force Academy. He is also a published author. Mr. Smith is now a College Professor. I would say that is a passion for aviation, do you agree?

Doctor Aviation is an educational website and online learning course. The course is a 6 month membership course that includes online lessons that are 45-60 minute lecture style videos. The lessons also include downloadable and printable materials for further learning. In my opinion, this is a great way to add history and science to your homeschool for anyone who has a passion for aviation.

There are 15 lessons total and are intended for one lesson per week.

Each lesson has 3 topics:
Technical Details
Notable Innovators
Legendary Events

Here are the lessons:

Session 1 Course Overview: The Aviation System
I. The Aircraft
Session 2 The Major Components of an Airplane
Session 3 Axes and Forces
Session 4 Why an Aircraft Flies: The Secret of Airfoils and Lift
Session 5 Why an Aircraft Turns, Pitches and Slides: The Flight Controls

II. Air Traffic Control
Session 6 How We See an Aircraft Miles Away: The Secrets of Radar
Session 7 The Air Traffic Cops: How Air Traffic Control Works

III. Maintenance
Session 8 Keep ‘Em Flying: Aircraft Maintenance – Propeller Engines
Session 9 Keep ‘Em Flying: Aircraft Maintenance – Jet Engines

IV. Airfield Operations
Session 10 The City in and of Itself: Running a Large Airport
Session 11 The Small Airport and Running an FBO

V. The Aircraft II
Session 12 Flying in the Clear and Not so Clear Air: VMC and IMC
Session 13 Important Pilot Instruments – Attitude Indicator
Session 14 Important Pilot Instruments – Airspeed Indicator
Session 15 Other Aviation Ships: Gliders, Helicopters, Airships

As I mentioned above, each lesson has downloadable and printable PDF’s for further information. The “Guided Notes” printable is a great way to record what you are learning. They are fill-in-the-blank style printouts. The Session Objectives give you an idea of what you are going to learn about about and what to focus on. This is great for the aviation or aircraft enthusiast.

There’s also a section of the lesson called “To Learn More”. This download gives more information on that particular lesson for further research, knowledge, or study. There are suggestions for books, websites (with clickable url’s), videos, and even further study options. This course covers EVERYTHING aviation!


My husband thoroughly enjoyed what he’s learned so far in Doctor Aviation. There is so much valuable and interesting information in this course. Things he never knew and topics he can’t wait to learn more about. The combination of history and science is quite fascinating.

He did say that because of the lecture style videos that he sees where this is geared towards high school students onto adults. A younger child who has a great passion for aviation may indeed enjoy just because of the love and wanting to learn more.

If you have a passion for all things aircraft and aviation you should definitely check out Doctor Aviation. The skies the limit on what you could learn!

Check out the website and find them on social media:




Aviation Course {Doctor Aviation Reviews}

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