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Are you looking for a simple, yet effective Easter Craft that teaches the Biblical meaning of Easter?

Yes! Well good, you have come to the right place!

Welcome to another Homeschool Days Hop. At the bottom of this post you will find other Easter ideas by some fantastic homeschool bloggers. Be sure to check them out!

Scripture Easter Craft - Egg Hunt

When Easter time comes around it is so easy to get wrapped up in the Easter Bunny, plastic eggs, lions with bunny ears, and lots of chocolate. Okay, the chocolate is fun to get wrapped up in. This side of Easter is everywhere! It’s in the stores, it’s on the television, it’s everywhere! As fun as all this is, it’s important to my husband and I that we don’t get caught up in that side of Easter and forget why we actually celebrate it.

This fun Easter Craft will get kids involved with the Bible and the meaning of Easter. It provides the fun of a craft and the learning of Biblical Scripture. This can be done with a variety of age ranges. {more on that further down}

This project includes: Easter Egg Hunts, Crafting, Writing, Matching, and Bible Scripture Search. Not Crafty? No worries! There is a “less-crafty” version of this at the bottom of the post.  

Biblical Easter Craft


Here is the list of supplies you will need for this Easter Craft:

  • Bible
  • strawberry baskets – 6 per child (or any small basket you have on hand)
  • construction paper – (optional – this is good for scissor practice) – cut strips for grass or weave in basket
  • plastic eggs – 6 per child (it is easier to have one color or one style per child)
  • Easter Scripture strips (free printable link below) – 1 copy per child
  • popsicle sticks – 12 per child
  • scissors
  • markers
  • permanent marker
  • glue (hot glue is the best – you will need to pre assemble the popsicle crosses if using hot glue. you can use regular white glue or glue dots)

How to create the Easter Craft:

[It’s a good time to read and discuss why Jesus was crucified while the children are doing their craft. You can also watch YouTube video’s. Here is a poem that tells the story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2TiXMhATPg The scriptures in the eggs will be about Jesus’ resurrection. Children need to understand why Jesus was chosen to be killed before they can understand the resurrection.]

  1. You will need to create 6 crosses (per child) with glue. One cross for each basket.
  2. While the crosses are drying – cut green construction paper into small strips for grass or cut strips and weave throughout the basket.
  3. Have the children cut out each scripture strip (printable provided). Each child will place one scripture strip into each of their 6 eggs. *For older kids: you can turn this into copy work and have them write out the scripture strips themselves.
  4. Now that the crosses are dry – have the kids color the crosses with the markers. Have the child write the matching Bible scripture on the cross with the permanent marker. If the child isn’t writing yet, you can write this for them. 
  5. Place one cross in each strawberry basket by weaving the bottom through the front of the basket holes.

Easter Craft

♥Remember to have fun with this and don’t look for perfectionism♥

Now for the fun!

  1. Hide the Scripture Eggs.
  2. Place the Scripture Baskets in a straight line with the scripture crosses facing you.
  3. Go on an egg hunt – each child finds their eggs (either by color or style – as mentioned above)
  4. Grab the Bible
  5. The object is to match the scripture sentences (inside the egg) to the scripture on the cross.
    This is a good introduction on how to find scripture in the Bible. ¹Show them the Table of Contents, (if they don’t know the books of the Bible) find the book of the Bible (from the front of the cross) and the page number. Then show them how to find the chapter in the book and then the verse in the chapter. This will familiarize them with how to look up scripture. Children that can read can do this on their own.
    ²Once you find the scripture that is on the cross you can read it out loud. Then find the matching scripture from inside one of the eggs. ³Place the matching scripture egg inside the matching scripture cross basket. Once you have matched all the eggs with all the baskets – you are done. Hooray! You did it!  

Easter Craft - Scripture Egg Hunt

Not feeling crafty? Here is the Less Crafty Version:

  • Write the (book, chapter, verse) Bible scripture on the outside of the egg with the permanent marker.
  • Cut each scripture strip (verses from printable provided) into strips.
  • Hide the eggs.
  • Place the scripture strips down face up. Match the scripture egg to the scripture strip.

This can be done with multiple ages. You can keep this super simple for little hands or you can create elaborate crosses and baskets for the older children in the family. The older kids can decorate the baskets with colorful ribbon or even Easter ribbon by weaving ribbon strips throughout the basket. You can be really brave and paint or glitter the crosses. The older kids can also be encouraged to help “teach” the younger one’s how to find the scriptures in the Bible.

I hope you enjoy this Easter Craft. Our kids wanted to do this again and again. That made this Momma happy. After a few times they started to memorize the scripture without having to look them up every time. Mission Accomplished!

Get your free Scripture Strips printable here!

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May you have a blessed Easter!


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  1. Thank you, Jana! Our kids love crafts and projects. I love when they can learn from them and don’t realize it. Yep, I’m that kinda sneaky mom.

  2. What a fun way to incorporate the true meaning of the season! We love activities like this-thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great idea! Each year we have an egg hunt with eggs filled with candy. I might modify this and have them do the egg hunt like you said, but for each verse they match correctly, they get a treat. This will be a ton of fun Easter afternoon. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂
    Catherine recently posted…Adding an Easter Focus to WritingMy Profile

  4. Thank you, Catherine! I hope you guys enjoy this on Easter afternoon.

  5. What a meaningful way to help kids connect with the scripture about the true meaning of Easter! Thank you for creating such detailed instructions about how to do this Easter craft, Brandy!
    Amy recently posted…Fraction Fun with Easter StickersMy Profile

  6. Thank you, Amy!
    It’s super important to us that we don’t get lost in the holiday and that we maintain the true meaning.

  7. Thanks for stopping by, Amy! Our kiddos love to learn by creating also.

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