Forensic Faith for Kids ~ Review

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Forensic Faith for Kids ~ Book & Academy Review

David C Cook along with Case Makers Academy sent us the Forensic Faith for Kids book for review. Over the past few weeks, we have put on our detective hats and tried to gather evidence to solve an adorable, yet mysterious puppy appearance. Meanwhile, learning how to share evidence of the truth about Jesus Christ with others.

Forensic Fatih for Kids - Investigate God's Existence  through an adorable puppy mystery.

But first… a little about them!

The author, cold-case homicide detective and former atheist-turned-Christian, J. Warner Wallace, has a heart for children. He and his wife, co-author, and editor, Susie Wallace, have been working with kids in church settings for years. Mr. Wallace has a master’s degree in theology and Susie has a master’s degree in speech pathology. Together they have made a powerful team!

J. Warner founded and wrote books in the series like Cold Case Christianity, Cold Case Christianity for Kids, God’s Crime Scene, God’s Crime Scene for Kids, Forensic Faith, and the one we’re reviewing, Forensic Faith for Kids.

There are three books in the kid’s series, (in addition to the series designed for teens to adults) all teaching about learning the Truth of Jesus with a real detective. All of the kid’s books are based on a mystery that needs to be solved, all while teaching about God’s existence.

You may have even seen Mr. J. Wallace on television programs like Dateline, FOX News, TruTv, or other crime-related tv shows.

What we received.

Forensic Faith for Kids is a paperback book written for children ages 8-12. The format of the book is a mystery based story where you and a small group of friends are trying to figure out where an adorable puppy came from that mysteriously showed up in your lives. There’s also a side story sprinkled in that shows the truth of Jesus and teaches you, the reader, how they can talk about God to those around them.

This wonderfully illustrated book contains eight chapters, with 134 fun-filled pages. On there are worksheets that accompany each chapter that you can print out and your kids can work on. The worksheets are designed for additional thinking skills after each chapter. Some of the printables are word searches, while others the child is prompted to think back over the previous chapter and answer questions about that portion of the story.  These such printables are great for reading comprehension along with further discussion and questions.

Printables for each chapter are:
Training Activity Sheet
Academy Notebook Sheet

*You can print each one of these out and your child can create his very own book for reference.

There’s also a Leaders Guide. This provides Important Concepts of the Chapter and additional questions to ask. Once the book is completed, your ‘cadets’ get a completion certificate that you can print and fill out. It would be nice to add this certificate to your child’s book that he created.

Forensic Faith for Kids - Investigate God's Existence  through an adorable puppy mystery.

How we used it and our final thoughts!

Whereas we have children that fit the targeted age range of this book, we read it together during our a family reading time. Family reading time often opens up great topics of conversation and loads of questions. A fantastic way to learn all-together!

We intended to print out each Training Activity Sheet and Academy Notebook Sheet but got caught up in the story.  We are now going back through and completing them. We did this sort of backward but I believe we can make it work. 🙂 Our family tends to get into discussions and conversations after reading powerful words and this time was no different. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

I appreciate the message of how to talk to others about God when the questions others have are difficult and we often struggle to explain. In the story, the children are faced with a difficult question another child asks that they can’t seem to come up with an answer. It starts to make them question their own beliefs because they can’t quite figure out how to answer the tough question. Detective Jefferies is helping them discover how to answer this difficult question, meanwhile, also helping them discover how to unlock clues to the mysterious puppy who has entered their lives.

Throughout the story, there are short excerpts that aid the reader with further detail to understand important terms or references. For example:
Detective Definitions – provides definitions and info pertaining to forensics, etc.
CSI Assignment – directs the reader to Bible verses pertaining to the message in the story.
A Tool For Your Detective Bag – the “how to’s” of detective work, tips for gathering evidence, etc.
Dig Deep – this reminds them to go to the Online Academy for further fun, etc.

If your child enjoys mysteries and likes gathering evidence to solve a problem then s(he) is sure to dive right into this one.

Even as adults, we are often faced with a challenging question pertaining to our faith and we struggle to explain or find an answer. In chapter 1 there is a beautifully explained section on Unreasonable Faith, Blind Faith, and Forensic Faith. These may not mean what you think they mean. The author breaks the meaning down in a manner that is so easy to follow and powerful. Just that section alone spoke volumes!

Forensic Faith for Kids {David C Cook and Case Makers Academy Reviews}



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