Guitar 360 Method ~ Review

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Guitar 360 Method
The confident way to learn guitar!

It’s only fitting that the aspiring musician in the family is the one to introduce you to our latest review, Guitar 360 Method. Our teenage daughter has been wanting to continue her guitar learning and work on perfecting her playing. Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself to work through this course she was more than excited. In fact, it was a little like Christmas morning for her.

Guitar 360 Method. The confident way to learn or perfect your guitar skills.

There’s some exciting news at the bottom of this post. Guitar 360 Method has a special gift for homeschool families.

If you are or have someone in your life who desires to learn or perfect their guitar skills, then you will want to check this out!

But first… a little about Guitar 360 Method.

When Krisz Simonfalvi was a six-year-old boy living in Budapest, Hungary, he realized he was very good at playing the guitar. But he just didn’t feel it or have fun in the process. That’s because his guitar teacher wasn’t teaching him how to understand and feel the instrument. He was basically a really talented kid, but also an extremely bored kid. He meandered away from music and got into sports. But that didn’t last long. When he was in his late teens, he got back into guitar. An electric guitar, to be exact.

He has since produced a vast amount of music, toured with world-famous bands, mentored pros, beginners, and has now created his own guitar curriculum, Guitar 360 Method.

Guitar 360 Method. The confident way to learn or perfect your guitar skills.

Krisz has competed in many competitions, including:

• Guitar Player Magazine’s Guitar Superstar competition: 1st runner-up (2009)

• Lee Ritenour’s Six String Theory Competition: 1st runner-up in the rock category (2011)

• Queen Extravaganza – open guitar audition: Top 10 finalist (2011) offers online-video guitar courses. The courses are an absolute beginner’s course, two amazing bonus songs, and a full 13-week semester course. Semester two is in the making along with a keyboarding course.

What we received.

On, Krisz has a video that explains in full detail what his course entails. I was given the Semester 1 Bundle which includes the beginner’s course, the two bonus songs (they’re really great ones, too! I’m working on the first song.), and the first full semester. It’s kind of funny, I thought I knew a fair amount in guitar until I started this curriculum. Okay, but let me specify, what I did know helped me SO MUCH! I got through the beginner’s course in about three days. Then that’s when I was challenged. I started working towards the first song, and it definitely took a little longer to ‘perfect’. I’ve already learned so much and am certain I’ve become a better musician. The videos are high quality, and not very long, and it makes for the perfect addition to the school day.

Guitar 360 Method. The confident way to learn or perfect your guitar skills.

How we used it.

Since I was the only one with a guitar, the choice was pretty obvious as to who would do the review. I was willing to receive any help I could get in that area of music. Growing up in a musical family, I have always had a passion for making my own music. I realized that vocals were just small parts of music, and when I was gifted a guitar, I was overjoyed! But, now that I realize it, I had the same problem Krisz had. I didn’t understand the instrument! And now, four years and a lot of increasing dedication later, I’m finally doing what I love and I actually understand it. I highly recommend this curriculum to anyone who has a guitar. Not just beginners. I was very enlightened, and since I’ve been using this course, I’ve found it much more desirable to play my guitar.


Our final thoughts.

I have many passions; cats, geckos and herpetology, anatomy and physiology, babies, and soccer, but I’d have to say music is my number one passion. Music can be used in so many ways, and in so many styles. It can be a mission outlet, an entertainment platform, or a world-changing vehicle. So being a young musician, I love Guitar 360 Method because it opens up a new and easier way to do what you enjoy and you don’t get tired of it! Krisz does a phenomenal job teaching and is a great mentor. Everything is very easy to understand, and it is clear that he is very passionate about raising up the next generation of music.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review and I strongly encourage you to check out!

Guitar 360 Method. The confident way to learn or perfect your guitar skills.

Guitar 360 Method has a special offer for homeschool families. Enter HOMESCHOOL20 Coupon Code at checkout to save 20%.

Guitar Lessons with Krisz Simonfalvi {Guitar 360 Method Reviews}
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