Hands-On History ~ Make-a-State Activity {review}

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We are an eclectic homeschool bunch. Learning in a hands-on manor seems to work very well for us, so it really was a no-brainer when we were asked to review Make-a-State Activity by Home School in the Woods. This is a Lapbook style study that’s a part of their Activity-Paks product line.

Hands-On History

You might remember that back in the beginning of the year we reviewed HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece. Home School in the Woods offers some amazing and thorough studies! The Ancient Greece project was quite intense. Although we school year round, it was nice to do a very thorough but less intense study during the summer time.

Allow me to tell you a little about the Make-a-State Activity.

Make-a-State Activity is a Lap Book style study of all 50 of the United States. You can choose to do one state or all of them. There is a Lap Book Assembly with easy instructions to follow. The projects included are:

  1. Key State Facts
  2. Origin of State Name
  3. State Motto
  4. State Symbols
  5. State Song
  6. State Industry/Agriculture/Climate
  7. State Wildlife
  8. Regions
  9. State Geography
  10. State Government
  11. State Seal & Flag
  12. State History
  13. Famous People From..
  14. Native Tribes
  15. State Landmarks
  16. Sports Teams
  17. State Quarter
  18. Recipes
  19. State Vocabulary
  20. State Timeline

Bonus #1:
State Page for each State and Washington, D.C.

Bonus #2:
“Name That State!” File Folder Game

Most of the information for the state study is NOT provided in the study. That being said, there are suggestions on where you can find valuable information. This includes: websites, book titles, and, it prompts you to go to your local library to search for books on the state you are working on.

Hands-On History

How did we use it?

All 3 of our children were involved in putting together this hands-on history Make-a-State activity. We choose to study our home state, Florida. This is a very economical homeschool resource because you can use it over and over learning about more states. We will most likely continue learning about other states we are interested in. This was one download that can be used over and over again. I would say this is a must have on a “thrifty” homeschool list.

Our children are ages 9, 11, and 13. I used this as an opportunity to further their research skills. I had them work together in following the directions and doing most of the research together. Nothing like building on relationship skills. Not to mention, their team work skills. I would assist in some of the research and if they were confused on what to do. However, they did manage to do most of the activity themselves by working together. It’s a miracle!

Hands-On History

Hands-On History

They used the websites that were suggested by Home School in the Woods and sharpened their Google skills. We also used some books we had on hand in our own homeschool library.
*Note: this is how we chose to do it. You might choose to do the study on and individual basis or work with them more during the study.

Overall this was a hit for us. The 13 year old found herself researching even farther that what was being asked. It lead to great conversations and discussions during family meal time.

Hands-On History

Hands-On History



During this review it was scallop season here. After we went scalloping we decided to further this state study and add a little scallop research. I love when the beginning of one study leads to another!

What else?

Home School in the Woods offers so much more than just their Make-a-State Activity. You gotta check out Time Travelers American HistoryActivity-PaksLap-Paks, and  Timeline Trio.  If you want to get out of the boring skill-drill-and kill style of learning history you need to check out these hands-on history products.

Something new and exciting that Home School in the Woods is rolling out is called Al-A-Carte. It’s a way to select few projects for topical studies, but you don’t have to purchase an entire unit. These make great quick studies or even summer studies. Something simple yet thorough. Go check it out!
Oh, and you can use the code alacarte at checkout to get the Erie Canal project on that page for free.

Be sure to stalk their website and find something good! Happy Homeschooling!

Hands-on History {Home School in the Woods Reviews}


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