Heirloom Audio Productions ~ Cat of Bubastes ~ Review

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You might remember our last review for Heirloom Audio Productions of Beric the Briton.  Our children fell in love with the adventures of G.A. Henty.  We have been blessed for the second time to review an Heirloom Audio Productions audio drama. This time it’s The Cat of Bubastes, also by G.A. Henty.

Heirloom Audio Theater Adventure

What is an Audio Theater (Drama)?

Audio Theater is a bit different than an audio book. An audio book is a narrator reading a story to you. An audio theater drama is a story being acted out by actors. The story is told with emotion and the actors take on the role of the characters they are portraying. The actors take you into the story and make you feel like you are on adventure with the character.

Who is G.A. Henty?

G.A. Henty was an English novelist from the 19th century. He wrote historic adventure novels. He not only wrote about adventures, he also lived an adventurous life. He traveled the world as a war correspondent, raced his yacht, wrestled, and boxed. It is recorded that he wrote 122 books in his life time. He wrote about events that he researched or experienced himself. He mostly wrote for children but did write a few adult novels.


About Heirloom Audio.

Heirloom Audio has a passion for breathing life into real historical events. They present the stories from the Christian background in which it was formed on. Heirloom Audio goes through great lengths to research and find facts so that the listeners can “live the adventure” through their audio theater dramas.

What we received for review.

We received a 2 disc set (cd) of The Cat of Bubastes in the mail along with access to Downloadable Bonuses. The downloadable bonuses consisted of:
Cat of Bubastes MP3 Set – we downloaded these to each of the kids tablets so they can listen anytime they wish.
Cat of Bubastes E-book
Official MP3 Soundtrack
Printable Cast Poster
Study Guide & Discussion
Inspirational Verse Poster
Live the Adventure Letter
Behind the Scenes Video


What is the Cat of Bubastes about?

A prince is captured by the High Priest of Egypt after his land was conquered by the Egyptians and his father, the king, was killed. The Egyptians turned Prince Amuba and others into slaves. The prince and his mentor, along with his people had to overcome many obstacles. They had to overcome acts of bravery and fear of death because they accidentally killed one of the Egyptian idols, a cat named Pousus. They had to escape for their lives, battle Egyptian mobs, and won victory over them and became King of his people again.

The story will draw you in with it’s intensity of sound, and the emotion of the characters.


A bit about the Study Guide.

The Study Guide is such an awesome addition to this already outstanding audio drama. My kids loved doing the study guide. It furthered their thinking of the story and we worked together to come up with the answers. Let me tell you a bit more about the study guide:

Listening Well – this section offers questions based off the audio drama. There are exact time stamps of where the answers will be within the story. Example: Disc one, Track 1, (00.00-03:52)
You will find the answers to the questions within this frame of the story.

Thinking Further – these questions can lead to research of something heard in the story or lead them to think further and draw their own conclusions. Example: Find Egypt on a map. What is North? East?

Defining Word – these are vocabulary words that your child might be unfamiliar with and they encourage them to look them up in a dictionary.

There’s also a recommended Reading List of books appropriate for the time period and topics of the story.

Because these are Christian based dramas they also include Bible Studies for your children to explore or to do as a family.


How we used it and what we think about the Cat of Bubastes?

I first want to start out by saying that when I revealed to my kiddos that we were reviewing another audio theater from Heirloom Audio you would have thought it was Christmas morning. They waited with baited breath each day for the mailman to drop off “their” package. After we reviewed Beric the Briton they fell in love with Heirloom Audio.

They listened to the CD set multiple times during this review period. They would put it in their cd player and listen to it while they were playing. We also uploaded the MP3 Set into their tablets so they could listen anytime.

All together we would sit and do the study guide questions. We would come up with what we thought were the answers and have to agree on them. This was a lot of fun as it helped them “work together.” They also enjoyed the Thinking Further questions, especially when they were prompted to research something or share their thoughts and look up geographical locations.

We highly recommend Heirloom Audio Theater Dramas to anyone who wants to make historical events come alive. The best part for us is that each drama shares a Christian message and the Bible Studies in the Study Guide will further their knowledge.

Out of the mouths of babes!

Mr. Funny Pants (age 8): “If we ever find more, GET THEM!” “They are really awesome! It makes you feel like you are back at that time.”

Drummer Boy (age 10): “Can we get more for Christmas?”

Butterfly (age 12): “I think it’s an amazing way to learn past Christianity.” “I love that it gives you that feeling that you’re there and you are a part of the amazing adventure.”

Thank you for reading my review. If you want to check out more info or purchase any one of the amazing audio theaters head on over to Heirloom Audio.

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of Bubastes
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