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Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}

We received the Help Teaching Pro Subscription from for review in our homeschool. offers a wide variety of education help, such as Printable and Online Tests, Activities, Lessons, and Games for PreK-12th Grades. Making them a great resource for those homeschool parents who create their own curriculum and so much more. review @

The Help Teaching Pro Subscription is a one year online subscription to all their resources. You can use these resources to help supplement areas in a subject that your child might need help in or aid you in creating and planning your own curriculum. You can also create tests online through their online test maker. These tests can be done online or you can print them out. There’s also a wide variety of pre-made tests available for you to choose from. review of

It was coming to the end of the Summer Olympics during our review period for this vendor so it was only fitting that we use a few of their resources on the Summer Olympics. I printed out a Summer Olympics Alphabetical Order worksheet and a Summer Olympics Scavenger Hunt. We practiced our internet searching skills to find the answers for the Scavenger Hunt.

On the website there is a “blog” section. I found the articles on their blog to be very informative and fun. They had a blog article titled 16 Fun Facts About the Summer Olympics that we found to be fun and turned into a lesson. I created a 6 question test {not really a test per say, but a printable to coincide with the facts} that we worked on and figured out while reading the facts. review of

Here’s and example: 

This is fact #4 in the bog article:
4. Golf will be played at the 2016 Olympics. The sport has not been part of the Summer Games for over 100 years.

Here is the question I created in the test generator:
Around what year was it golf was last a competition?

We often take many rabbit trails during our studies and it’s great to be able to find extra resources to go along with what we are learning or to be able to create our own questions to further our thinking. You can do this with

There are many online lessons for K thru Elementary grades as well as loads of printable worksheets and printable tests for all Grades K-12th.

The subjects offered include:

  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Seasonal and Holiday
  • Early Education {Pre-School}
  • Arts and Music
  • Study Skills and Strategies
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Physical Education
  • Life Skills

The website is fairly easy to navigate and search if you are looking for a particular topic or subject. They do offer some “freebies” for those who aren’t paid subscription members. However, you do get a much larger inventory once you become a paid subscriber. The “freebies” are a good place to start though.

Here are a few examples of the printable worksheets you can find on their site:

Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}

Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}

Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}
I have to be honest with you in telling you that we are not huge on worksheets in our homeschool. We are very much an eclectic bunch though and do manage to fit them in from time to time. If you like the ease of having a plethora of “worksheets” conveniently available for you than this just might be the ticket for you.

Most of the worksheets they offer are your normal multiple choice, circle the best answer, type questions.

Overall, if you are looking for an affordable {$24.95 for an entire year subscription} supplement or fill in for subjects throughout your year is a valuable resource to add to your homeschool arsenal and well worth the cost.

You can find them on Social Media:
Twitter: @helpteaching

Help Teaching Pro Subscription {}
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