Heroes Of History – Ben Franklin ~ Review

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Heroes Of History – Ben Franklin

All I had to do was mention YWAM Publishing for review and my kids got excited. They love the Heroes Of History Series and we knew immediately that they wanted to study Benjamin Franklin.

We love all things Ben Franklin, and YWAM Publishing did not disappoint. We never had any doubt they would. Their series is just amazing.

Homeschool History

What we received for review.

We received a paperback book based on the life of Benjamin Franklin called Live Wire written by Janet and Geoff Benge. It covers important areas of his entire life. I have to say that we know quite a bit about Ben Franklin because we are so intrigued by him, but we learned so much from this book. This book reads sort of like a novel. It is NOT written in a textbook manor. This makes it so much more interesting to the readers and listeners. The paperback is 197 pages long and is broken into 17 chapters.

We also received a downloadable Study Guide via email.  I have to tell you that this Study Guide is amazing. You can choose to read just the book and get a plethora of valuable information and/or you can use the Study Guide to further your studies and really make this history lesson come alive.

Homeschool History

Here’s what’s in the Study Guide: 

*There are Guides for Small Groups, Classroom, and Homeschool use.

The Unit Study consists of:
  • Introduction – how to use the unit study {learning styles, grade levels/abilities, etc}
  • Key Quotes – relevant quotes to read over or memorize
  • Display Corner – ideas for collecting and displaying time period and relevant objects, etc.
  • Chapter Questions – a great tool for vocabulary, reading comprehension, and discussion.
  • Student Explorations – various activities, such as: Essay Questions, Creative Writing, Hands-on Projects, Audio/Visual Projects, and Arts and Crafts. {you can choose as many or as few of these activities as you’d like – I suggest going over these activities with your children and picking what appeals to everyone. Great for all learning styles}
  • Community Links – gives ideas and suggestions on how to find places to visit in your area that are time period related. Great for field trips and extended learning.
  • Social Studies – this section helps you discover significant areas of the person you are studying: Places, Journey, Terms/Vocabulary, Geographical Characteristics, Timeline, and Conceptual Questions.
  • Related Themes to Explore – this section can take your studies to a whole new level. There’s ideas for Literature, Science & Inventions, Math, History, and Politics & Law – all relatable.
  • Culminating Event – this is sort of a “closure” to your unit. The “why’s” of what you learned.
  • Books & Resources
  • Answers to Chapter Questions
  • Social Study Reproducibles: Fact Sheet, Maps, Timeline

If you are wanted to make history come alive and get out of the boring rut that we can sometimes find ourselves in, than I highly recommend you checking out the Heroes of History series. There are so many wonderful Characters to choose from. The information and knowledge you gain is immeasurable.

Homeschool History

How we used it.

I read each chapter as a family read a-loud time. My kids are 9, 11, and 13. I would prompt my 13 year old to take “notes” of interesting facts that we learned so we could further discuss or learn more about after the chapter. We also discussed the chapter questions and started a few of the unit study activities. One very notable fact that my kids LOVED was that Ben Franklin only had 2 years of formal school and was self taught. They loved that they could relate to him as a fellow homeschooler. They know that we can attribute so much of what we have today to Benjamin Franklin.

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