HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece

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HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study:
Ancient Greece
A TOS Homeschool Review Crew Review

History is one of those subjects that either makes you yawn to have to teach or you absolutely have a passion for it. Your kids may feel the same way. Either they get excited about it or they feel it’s just plain boring. Making history and world history fun and hands-on is the perfect way to make it come alive or even wake it up. I am always looking for ways to teach history in a hands-on manner. Home School in the Woods has definitely helped me with that. When we were given the opportunity to review HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study it didn’t take us long to agree on Ancient Greece.

Homeschool World History


What is HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Greece?

This curriculum is very much like an 8-12 week Unit Study. Just as the title suggests by using the word “Passport”, you take a trip (by way of “stops”) through History. Learning about that era by creating lots of hands-on projects and activities that really present the lessons in a fun and memorable way. Here are just some of the activities:

  • Creative Writing
  • A “Dining Out Guide” of Recipes
  • A File Folder Game
  • A “Scrapbook of Sights” for storing notebook projects
  • A Newspaper “Greek Weekly”
  • A “Snapshot Moments in History” Scrapbook Timeline
  • “Postcards from Famous Folks”
  • Souvenir Craft Cards with a dozen 3-D projects to make
  • Over a dozen Lap Book Projects …and much more!

You will learn about important events and interesting people of that era. Some of the topics include: The Archaic Period, Greek Government, Athens and Sparta, Everyday Life, Farming, Business, Transportation, Education, Literature, Science, Medicine & Disease, The Arts, Philosophy, Religion (Myths and Heroes), Warfare, The Golden Age, Alexander the Great, The Hellenistic Age, Archaeology, and much more!


We received the instant download version for review but there’s also a CD version you can purchase. These studies are suggested for grades 3-8 and can be used for whole family learning.

Homeschool World History

Detailed lesson plans and guides are provided for the teacher which include: The Reading Guide Book Text, the Travel Itineraries of project directions, as well as Travel Tips, teacher keys, and any of the other teacher helps. There’s an Additional Resources section offered in the event you want to take your world history study even further.

There are so many projects to make that I couldn’t possibly list them all. Your family can work on creating all of them or skip a few if they don’t fit your child’s needs. They will keep much of their work (a timeline and such) in a 3-ring binder that you will need to supply. Speaking of supplies, because this is a download or CD you will need to print EVERYTHING yourself. There is a bit of printing involved, along with a fair amount of prep work. You will also need some supplies for the projects. Some of these supplies are: white printer paper, colored printer paper, white card stock, colored card stock, glue, scissors, crayons, markers, or paint. These are some of the main supplies you will need to provide to get started with your history lesson.

Homeschool World History


HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study is a detailed and very thorough world history unit. I know that I learned more about Ancient Greece right along side my kids. A homeschool win for all!

My kiddo’s loved and enjoyed all the hands-on projects this history study offers. I’m sure they will not forget their Ancient Greece study from this school year!

If you are looking to take your World History lessons to a whole new level check out Home School in the Woods. Make history come alive again!

HISTORY Through the Ages Project Passport World History Study Reviews


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