Homeschool History Curriculum

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Homeschool History Curriculum
Drive Thru History Adventures Review

We discovered the best homeschool history curriculum ever when we agreed to review Drive Thru History Adventures . That might be a hefty statement to make, “best homeschool history curriculum ever”, but when your kids BEG to watch history videos – you can pretty much say it.

That’s what happened when we discovered Drive Thru History Adventures!

Drive Thru History Adventures is the best homeschool history curriculum EVER! Ancient History, American History, Bible History

Just what is Drive Thru History?

Drive Thru History Adventures teaches history through video adventures (lessons). (The curriculum is available online and does require access to the internet.) Also available to accompany the videos: additional reading, illustrations, questions (for each adventure video), and a deeper thinking section. The curriculum is versatile and used in a manner that works best for you and your homeschool. It’s designed to fit your needs; use all or just some of the curriculum. Your choice!

Similar to a television show, Dave Stott’s is the host and he takes you along his adventures to actual locations of history. It’s sort of like taking a field trip through your tv or computer screen. Each lesson is an adventure.

The amount of historical information packed into just one of the videos is fascinating.  He presents history and historical facts in a such a unique and pleasing way. He is not boring or stale, in fact, he’s quite hilarious at times. Dave definitely knows how to keep his audience engaged and interested.

Drive Thru History Adventures is the best homeschool history curriculum EVER! Ancient History, American History, Bible History

*Might I mention that Mr. Dave is a *car guy*. He sneaks in a little fun-fact auto history along the way. This made it super appealing to my boys, and just enough where it kept my daughter interested too. We are race fans, so we appreciated the extra car tid-bits.

Drive Thru History provides a Christian view of history.

Each of the video lessons are approximately a half-hour to 45 minutes long. The history curriculum is geared for around 12 years of age and up, but children of ALL ages will enjoy it.

The additional reading, deeper thinking, and questions (essay style) are aimed for high school age children. The additional reading and questions are downloadable/printable PDF’s. Younger kids will enjoy the videos and can verbally answer the questions or have a quick open discussion about the videos.

It’s great for the entire familyeven parents!  I looked forward to watching the videos with the kids. I, myself, learned so much.

Drive Thru History Adventures offers:

Bible History {18 episodes}
American History {12 episodes}
Ancient History {12 episodes}

Doing one lesson per week {total of 42 weeks} – this could easily be used as a full one-year history curriculum.


Drive Thru History Adventures is the best homeschool history curriculum EVER! Ancient History, American History, Bible History

Which did we pick?

Here’s where I have to let the cat out of the bag. I really wanted to dive into the Bible History or the American History curriculum, but we all decided to go for Ancient History. One, the kids picked that one. Two, Ancient History or even World History always bored me to pieces. There, I said it! I dreaded trying to teach it because it’s always been so uninteresting to me. I figured that doing this review would be a good time to teach Ancient History to my kids because ultimately… I wasn’t teaching it. Well, I’m a changed woman, and I can thank Drive Thru History for that.

Drive Thru History Adventures is the best homeschool history curriculum EVER! Ancient History, American History, Bible History

Each of the lessons adventures are designed take roughly a week. Our kids were begging to do the entire lesson in a day. We would watch the video, discuss the illustrations, and verbally answer the questions.

*Our oldest is in middle school at time of this review so we didn’t dive too much into the additional reading but will be in the future.

We would gather around in the living room and stream AdventureTV through our television (via the computer) while we ate our lunch. When you purchase the annual subscription you get access to AdventureTV. This is an app you can download on your mobile device. Available on iOS and Android. There are far too many bonus videos to mention, but might I recommend “The History of Cheese.” It was a fascinating and side-splitting. We were unable to download the app on our Amazon Fire tablets but able to watch on

Out of the mouth of babes!

As a homeschool parent I highly recommend this history curriculum. History has long had a stigma of being boring and that’s generally true when it comes to textbook style learning. I appreciate the approach Drive Thru History takes and the effort they put in to make sure it’s valuable and engaging.

“It is awesome! I learned lots about ancient history. It has been my favorite way to learn history so far. Dave is hilarious!” ~Mr. Funny Pants {9}

“You learn a lot from it and you learn in a fun way. I was not a huge fan of history until I found out about Drive Thru History. I like that he (Dave) actually travels to all the places.” ~Drummer Boy {11}

“Dave is very funny! There’s a lot of information packed into the videos. It’s an enjoyable watch.” ~Butterfly {13}

Now, how does this fit into our thrifty, money-saving budget? The annual subscription (keep in mind – this is for an entire family) is $124.99. That is access to all three history curriculum listed above, plus access to the app for your mobile devices and the ALL the bonus videos uploaded. This can fit an entire families history curriculum needs for a year. Right now they are offering a set of the The Gospels DVD to those who join with an annual subscription. Visit here to get the code for your free DVD.

I was scrolling through my The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine and discovered that Drive Thru History Adventures is offering 20% for readers. Two amazing deals to take advantage of.

Nothing better than finding a fantastic homeschool curriculum and saving money on it.

Drive Thru History Adventures - Subscription {Drive Thru History Adventures Reviews}

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