Homeschool Planner {review}

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Hey Mama! It’s Here!
A Simple Homeschool Planner
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It’s becoming that time of year again. That time when homeschool parents are starting to plan out their upcoming school year. There are lots of considerations because children’s needs change and so do their academic levels. This is where a good planner comes to the rescue. Maybe you are like me and feel like you have a better handle on things when you can actually put pencil to paper. It was a blessing when The Old Schoolhouse granted me the opportunity to review their Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 homeschool planner.

Hey Mama! Homeschool Planner review. Make a plan for your homeschool and keep on track with this homeschool planner.

Yes, I know that this is the digital era we are in, but I am still very much a pen & paper kinda gal. It has been said (by whom, I don’t know! You know that “they” crowd everyone always talks about but no one really knows who this secret society is.) that you remember more when you write things down. This is where the Hey Mama! Planner is going to help my memory. Not to mention keep me organized.

Before I share my opinion of the Hey Mama! SchoolhousePlanner with you, I want to tell you a little about what is in this homeschool planner.

  • One Page Yearly Calendars (Jan-Dec) – 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Two-Page Monthly Calendars with Notes (Monthly Calendars July 2016-June 2017)
  • Weekly Planner Pages
  • Monthly, Semester, and Yearly Goal forms (include: educational, spiritual, physical, personal talents, life skills, financial, relational)
  • Attendance Chart – 180 days
  • Books Read This Year forms
  • Curriculum Planning sheets
  • Contact List
  • Quick Reference or Planning Guide Section:  {this is what I call it}
    • Writing Prompts
    • Story Starters
    • Thirteen Colonies by Date
    • Timeline of Inventions
    • U.S. Presidents and Their Wives
    • Branches of Federal, State and Local Governments
    • United States and Capitals
  • Academic Transcript
  • Checklist and Skills Learned
  • Other Courses

The Hey Mama! Printed Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 is printed on white paper with a total of 192 pages, and is (metal) spiral bound. The planner is only about a half and inch thick. This makes it fairly easy to take with you and do some planning on the go. Such as: during sports practices or a trip to the library.

All print is done in a gold/beige color or black. It is intended for use of up to 5 students. However, I think that it would be difficult to plan for 5 students in one planner. I have never seen ANY planner that has enough room to plan for 5 students. There is truly only so much room on one sheet of paper, period.

Hey Mama! Homeschool Planner

Now I am going to share my opinion. Please keep in mind that this is solely my opinion and that everyone has different needs in a planner.

♥I want to state that I haven’t officially used this planner yet since our 2016-2017 school year starts in July and I haven’t begun planning yet. I have been planning our homeschool years for 8 years now and I pretty much know what and how I would use this. Additionally, I have purchased the digital version {more on that below} of this planner in the past and there are many pages that I am already familiar with. 

The Pro’s:

  • The planner is bound by metal twin loop wire binding.
  • There is a simplicity about this planner. There are not loads of unnecessary forms that you feel like you need to fill out in order to enjoy the full value of the planner.
  • Portable. Because of the metal spiral binding you can take this planner with you and get in some planning on the go. It doesn’t take up much space.
  • Encouraging Words. There are encouraging words sprinkled throughout this planner. As rewarding and fulfilling as homeschooling can be, it can be equally as challenging and overwhelming. It’s such a mood booster when you open your planner for the day’s lesson and there is an encouraging word right there waiting for you.
  • Notes section before each calendar month. The notes page is so customizable. Meaning that you can use this page for whatever your needs are; quick overview of the months lessons, library book list for the month, field trips to take that month, summary of the academic month, journaling, appointments, goals, celebrations, etc.
  • 2 – page Month Calendar. The calendar pages are truly 2 full pages with lots of room to write in the daily squares. There is also a notes section on the side of the month calendar.
  • Weekly Planning Pages are not dated or numbered. Nor do they have the days of the week on them. I really appreciate this because school days may not always consist of a Monday thru Friday schedule.
  • Tidbits of historical information pop up throughout the weekly planning pages. These facts can be used as a quick discussion to start your day. A little surprise for everyone.
  • There is a Goal Section to record your monthly goals, semester goals, and yearly goals. You can use these goal sheets for yourself and your children.
  • There is a section that I call the Quick Reference or Planning Guide Section. {see above for what is in this section} I will be using this section as a Sanity Saver Section.
    • Need a quick activity to keep the restless natives from attacking – there are writing prompts and story starters right at your finger tips.
    • United States Historical Facts for quick reference or use as a guide to plan your own U.S. History Unit Studies.

The Con’s

  • No place for a Mission Statement. For me it’s important to read our Mission Statement on those challenging homeschool days. However, I can easily add this in over one of the pages that I won’t be using. Easy fix!
  • No Tabs. There are no tabs for easy flip to. I will be placing tabs in my planner to make finding where I need to be a little quicker.
  • No form for a daily homeschool schedule.
  • No Course of Study for the year. This is important to me because I need to keep track of what curriculum my children are using throughout the year for their transcripts.
  • Only 36 weeks of Weekly Planning sheets. This won’t be an issue for many because there are 180 days of lesson planning space but we homeschool year round and often school longer than 180 days.
  • There is a form and instructions in the rear of the planner on how to create your own Academic Transcript (high school). I think this is such a valuable asset to have in a planner. However, there is only one form for one student. If you have more than one high schooler this year, you will need to make a copy of this form to use for additional students. You will need to do the same for the Checklist and Skills Learned form and the Other Courses form.

This is the perfect simple homeschool planner. It can easily be added to if you need additional forms. Because this planner is intended for the use of up to 5 students there are many forms that come in 5’s. You can use the “extra” space to customize for your own needs. You can add pages by using coil clips or by simply taping in what you need over a page you may not have a use for.

If you are looking for a simple and affordable homeschool planner I think that the Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 homeschool planner is the one for you. They also have a downloadable version you can purchase through The Old Schoolhouse that you can print as many forms and sheets as you need and either put them in a binder or have them bound at your local office supply store.

Here’s a special gift just for you! If you are in the U.S. you can use the code CREWCODE snag this planner at $10 off. That makes it only $19, which includes shipping. This offer is good through July 15, 2016.   Now that is a thrifty homeschool deal!

Happy Planning!

Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017 Review
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  1. That is a great deal! I already have my planner for this year but will definitely look into this one for next!
    Jana recently posted…friendshipMy Profile

  2. Thanks for sharing this review, Brandy! I really like how clearly you outlines exactly what this planner offers!. It is always good to have the inside scoop on planners b/c there are so many of them out there!

  3. Jana, be on the lookout for a post I’m going to write about how to modify any planner and make it work for you.

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