Homeschool Writing and Grammar Curriculum

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In the past I have found it to be difficult to find a solid writing curriculum that wasn’t just out right boring. I was thrilled when the opportunity came up to review Writers In Residence by Apologia Educational Ministries. My first reaction was actually a sigh of relief. Why? Because Apologia advertises this curriculum to be both a Writing and Grammar based curriculum. That is like a double dose of awesomeness to most homeschoolers.

Writers In Residence by Apologia is a Writing and Grammar All-In-One. Read the review and how we used it on the blog.

Our daughter has a fantastic imagination and often writes the most amazing stories. The area where we struggled was the formatting of her writing. We were using different writing resources that neither one of us were enjoying. Either she wasn’t grasping the direction I was giving or I wasn’t offering it in an understandable way. It just wasn’t happening, there was lots of frustration that led to pure dread!

We were very excited to toss the old snooze fest writing resources straight out the back door! Thank you, Apologia!

First Impressions

I do have to say that when I first unboxed the curriculum I was a little concerned by the size of the student workbook. It is one VERY LARGE workbook designed to be used for one school year by one student/child. It reminded me of a college workbook. It may appear a bit intimidating, but honestly, it only means it is PACKED full of goodness. I received Volume 1 (Full Set) which included the student workbook and the answer key.  This is really an answer key and teacher/parent helper all in one.

Homeschool Writing Curriculum

I absolutely love that the student’s daily lessons are laid out for the child in a check box format right in their workbook. This check box system is ideal for helping your child with self-guided studies and makes it easy for them to know what is expected of them daily. Because the daily lessons are clearly defined for the student, this cuts down on any planning on your part. 

True Input

It is very easy for me to give you my thoughts and opinions on this curriculum but I believe that it would be of much more value if I let the opinion come straight from the person who is actually learning from Writers In Residence. That person would be our daughter, who is respectfully in 6th grade. (We don’t typically go by grade level) (4)

She really appreciated the lessons being laid out for her, taking the guess work out of what to do each day. {Plus, she’s a lister just like her mother – she gets great enjoyment from checking things off.} She also enjoyed the detailed examples given that explains the concept thoroughly. This was a huge help for the visual learner. Sometimes just written direction can be misunderstood. The example text is there for the child to view and get a better understanding of what the lesson is calling for.

There is also an area at the end of the module to check off each lesson that they were asked to do. The parent/teacher then gives them points based off a point system provided that helps the child recognize their strengths and weaknesses.

Writing and Grammar Curriculum by Apologia

A Parents View

I appreciate that the author, Debra Bell, suggests that you give points based on their effort and not so much whether every concept is perfect or not. This gently guided our daughter in the right direction rather than focusing on whether or not she was doing something wrong. This made her want to dig deeper in her writing.

I recommend familiarizing yourself with the Quick Guide, Preface, and How To Use This Book sections first. Then read over and discuss the following sections with your child so they understand how to use the workbook. Be sure to discuss any areas of concern or confusion so they can get full use of their new workbook.

Writers In Residence was exactly what we needed to improve and sharpen her writing skills. It is a detailed curriculum with detailed lessons that fully explain the concepts being taught.

If you are looking for a workbook style curriculum that guides the student into independent studies with a little guidance, than I recommend Writers In Residence by Apologia. You can get directly to their website by clicking the links within this post of by clicking the logo below.

Apologia: Writers in Residence Review

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Apologia: Writers in Residence Review
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