Homeschooling through the Hard Times

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Homeschooling through the Hard Times

Hard times means different things to different people, so does how we handle them! Friend, this post isn’t an “answer all” post. This post is meant to be an inspiration for you.

Homeschooling through the hard times.


This is very cliche but it’s true…. life doesn’t always go as planned. We find ourselves in the middle of some very powerful and emotional stuff. Stuff we DON’T want to go through, but we do.

When these circumstances hit us sometimes the last thing we can even think about is teaching our children their academics. Let’s face it, the “circumstance” is consuming us. It’s hard to focus on anything else but the motions we are going through, let alone the emotions that are spewing because of it.

I am not here to tell you what to do or how to handle your hard times. I want to inspire you to do your best and handle what you are going through at that moment in your life. What that looks like is up to you.

Some will tell you that you need to push through and that your child’s education is the most important. Where that is true, it is important, sometimes it’s not as easy nor as cut and dry as that. You do want to teach your child to work through his or her problems but sometimes what life is handing us is our problem. Why not teach our children to handle what life throws at them, too? How will they learn how to handle said things if we never teach them? We have a tendency to want to shelter our kids from all things unpleasant, but this isn’t molding them for the adulthood that is in front of them. Pushing the problem aside and pretending it isn’t happening isn’t really guiding them on how to handle or cope.

Of course I’m not saying to take every problem or situation to them and expect them to handle it. Their ages and level of understanding are going to come into play. Some of our life’s hard balls do impact our children though.

I know a few of our situations or season’s in life have certainly impacted our children.

We’ve established that academics are important but so is life and how to deal with what it hands you. Let your children see you grieve or go through the motions. Let your children learn how to handle life’s curve balls through you. If that means you need to do the minimum for school for a little while… then so be it! If that means you take a break and work on what is staring you in the face, then that will work too.

Homeschooling through the hard times.

Point is.. don’t be hard on yourself if you need to give yourself and your homeschool a little Grace… a time-out! After all, trying to teach when there is so much going on probably isn’t really helping anyone anyway. Are they absorbing what it is you’re teaching? Are you teaching with a level head and a calm temper or demeanor? Are your children feeling the impact of what is going on in your life right now? How are they dealing with it?

Do what works for you and don’t let that ugly thing called guilt trick you!

Don’t forget to pray! Pray even when you don’t feel like praying. God is listening. It may not feel like it all the time but He is. I, myself, need a reminder of this! It’s easy to get discouraged and feel like He isn’t there or isn’t listening…. trust me, I’ve felt that feeling, but I know He is always there and He lets YOU know when YOU least expect it.


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  1. Thanks for this! I’m seriously considering postponing starting school a couple more months because life is just chaos right now! Thanks for the encouragement to do what needs to be done to take care of EVERYONE!

  2. Sabrina, that is exactly what we had to do in order to survive a very tough season in our lives. The wonderful joy of homeschooling is that you can totally do what works for you in that moment. We are not starting back until after Labor Day this year. We have NEVER started that late. It is what it is! Enjoy your journey!

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