Host an Outdoor Homeschool Field Day

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Have a Homeschool Field Day for some Outdoor Fun

Beach Hammocks

Welcome to another Homeschool Days Hop. You can find more ideas for Outdoor Activities at the end of this post by other fantastic homeschool bloggers.

Do you remember Field Day? 

I’m going to jog your memory a bit and maybe date myself at the same time. If you attended public school as a child you might remember Field Day. (At least that’s what I remember it being called.)

If memory serves me correct, you signed up to participate in different outside activities. The activities often included games like cone races, bean bag races, hula hoop contests, jump rope contests, human wheel barrow races, ball games, pop the balloon relay races, and so much more. You would also earn ribbons for placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

A Homeschool Field Day is the perfect way to get outside and enjoy fun outdoor activities with a Co-op, other homeschool familes, or even just your own family. #HSDaysHop

The anticipation of Field Day was so exciting. 

The astounding feeling of not having actual school that day and the thought of having fun at school. It was a reward for all the hard work you were doing in your school journey. Do you remember that feeling? 

We can have that same fun and excitement even as homeschoolers.

6 Steps To Creating Your Own Homeschool Field Day?

This could be coordinated with your co-op, with just your family, or even another homeschool family. {Sshhhh….it can even be a surprise}

  1. Jog your memory – create a list of games you remember playing from your childhood Field Day. Or take some ideas from the list below. You can do them all or just pick a few.
  2. Gather your supplies – be sure to have everything you need for the games you chose ready for the big day.
  3. Make the ribbons – this could be a fun project to do with your kids a few days ahead of time. You can make ribbons out of paper or any extra ribbon you make have lying around. If this is a surprise for your children you may want to make the ribbons yourself or even purchase some. You can purchase some adorable ones through this Amazon link. (How you choose to administer these is up to you. You can award them for the place they come in or give them all the same place – for recognition. It’s up to you.
  4. Create a lot of hype about this Field Day – Share your memories and reminisce with your kids about the field days you participated in. They will love to hear about your experiences.
  5. Be prepared – Set up the courses ahead of time and be prepared for a day of fun and laughter. Don’t forget the camera!
  6. Have Fun!

Here are a list of games you can play during your Homeschool Field Day.

{If you are unfamiliar with any of the games, I have linked them to some explanations and how to play. Just click on the name of the game for further info}

Outdoor Fun for the Homeschool Family. Homeschool Field Day.

I’m sure you can come up with so many more. Have fun with it!

So get outside and have some fun. Create memories!

I would love for you to tag me on social media with pictures of your Homeschool Field Day. You can find me on these social media platforms.


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  1. This is brilliant, Brandy! We’ve enjoyed big organized field days through groups, but this is so great for people who want to set up their own.

  2. Thank you, Melanie! I have very fond memories of field day from my public school days and like sharing them and making new ones with my kids.

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