How To Have An Organized Homeschool Life

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Organized Homeschool Life. Is It Possible?
Yes, it can happen!

How to have an organized homeschool life.

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for this life changing tool. Before I start ranting and raving about how the Organized Homeschool Life book and NOW Organized Homeschool Life Planner can transform your life; allow me to take a step back and explain a few things.

Does this sound familiar? You became a stay-at-home mom turned homeschool mom and quickly realized that you now use your home for far more than you imagined. Not only is it a safe haven for your family, it’s now a schoolhouse, a science lab, an art classroom, an infirmary, and maybe even a mini storage unit. You know, for all those art supplies and curriculum you’re going to use in the future. Yeah, you’re not alone!

Once upon a time, I considered myself a fairly organized person. I’m still a bit organized, but with each child came more areas and *things* to organize. Not to mention the time it takes to keep said areas organized. Now add in multiple children, along with homeschooling, and organization became a chore I just didn’t have time to maintain.

How to have an organized homeschool life.

It was a huge relief when Dr. Melanie Wilson from released her Organized Homeschool Life book. She is a fellow homeschool mom of 6 who completely understands the homeschool lifestyle. One of her gifts is productivity. Might I add, realistic productivity. She created a step-by-step book for getting your life organized in small, manageable chunks. There’s a challenge designated for each week of the year. You have total flexibility with this book, too.

My schedule is pretty packed throughout the day, so spending a great deal of time organizing just isn’t feasible. I appreciate that the steps each week are small and don’t take up a bunch of time. Organizing in small chucks keeps me from feeling discouraged and overwhelmed.

How to have an organized homeschool life.

And it gets better!

The Organized Homeschool Life Planner is now available and accompanies the Organized Homeschool Life book. This combination is the perfect tool to get your homeschool life organized.

Here are some of the features in the Organized Homeschool Life Planner:

  • Undated Calendars – start anytime throughout the year
  • Monthly Devotions – inspiration for organizing your homeschool life
  • Weekly Planning Pages –
    Organized Homeschool Challenge Steps – from the book {you do need the book for the challenges}
    Goal Setting
    Meal Planning with Shopping List
    Evaluate Your Efforts
    Areas to Improve On
  • Daily Planning Page – this is far more than a To-Do list dump
    Time with God
    Your Priorities
    Create a Schedule – that works!
    Relationship Building
    Reward Yourself
  • Bucket List for Every Season

How to have an organized homeschool life.

How to have an organized homeschool life.

Here are samples of the Weekly and Daily pages. The digital version of these pages are editable. There is also a white spiral bound print version. (2 books Jan-Jun & Jul-Dec)

The organization challenges can be started during any month of the year. You can work through the existing months and into the following year to complete.

*I need to mention that this is NOT a homeschool lesson planner.

How to have an organized homeschool life.

Organize Your Life and Your Time!

If you are ready to get your life back on track and get organized – these books are for you!

There’s also a safe Facebook Community where open discussions of the challenges are shared.

Come visit me on Facebook to find out which challenges have been my favorite so far, and which one’s I’m looking forward to.







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