How to include dad in your homeschool day.

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Is Dad involved in your school day?

Dad in your school day

Often times, Dad is the away from home working parent in the family. I don’t know how your family works, but I know for us, Dad isn’t always up to speed with what our studies are. My husband always reassures me of his confidence in my ability to teach our kids. I know that I need to hear that especially when I am having one of those days!

But frankly, he doesn’t really know what we do throughout the day. He doesn’t care to know every detail. However, giving him a small glimpse into our day is a good thing for all of us.

We do our best to eat together as a family at dinner time. During this time is the perfect time for Dad to catch up on what we are learning. Just as if they were in public school and you weren’t there all day, you would like to know what they are learning.

Our family plays a little game of sorts to make sharing the info of their day more exciting. I can thank my hubs for this. It was his idea!

The object of the game is to answer questions about what they have learned that day. They get three questions and have to answer two out of the three correct. Often times there is a “reward” for answering the questions correct.

One of the rewards could be extra screen time.

My husband likes to watch a certain T.V. program, therefore, my kids {especially my boys} enjoy watching with him. He tells them if they get their questions correct they can stay up until 9:00 (or sometimes even later) to watch with him. (Their bed time is 8:30-normally)Include dad in your homeschool

I {Mom} have to ask the questions since I am the one who is teaching them their lessons. confession time: this requires me to think as well….. because we know how mom brain works….. or doesn’t work sometimes!

Sometimes there is a bonus question for an 15 extra minutes! This makes the kiddos super-excited.

The best part is when Dad changes his voice and makes it seem like the game is “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.”   Is that your final answer?

The reward isn’t always screen time with Dad. Sometimes it’s a special treat after dinner, or a walk around the block as a family, or a family card game. And sometimes it’s a simple…. “You guys are awesome! Thanks for learning with Mom today.”


I’m sure there are many ways to include Dad in on your homeschool day. This just happens to be one way we enjoy sharing. We have also taken pictures to share and the kids have read to their Dad when they have discovered something they think would really interest him.

I would love to hear from you.
How do you keep dad involved in your homeschool learning?

Dad in Our Homeschool
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  1. Lovely! We do a lot of sharing about our homeschooling day around the dinner table. My husband will often offer ideas and tips on how to extend learning and will sometimes prompt my daughter to explain certain things in her own way. She shares her work with him as well. Thanks for sharing. xoxo
    Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom recently posted…How to Connect With Your Inner ChildMy Profile

  2. Thank you, Jennifer.
    It’s so nice including dad in on your studies, isn’t it? I know for us it makes him feel a little connected.

  3. Including dad whether you homeschool or not is so important to keep a close connection. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. We love to share our projects with him when he gets home. He likes to sit in our school area and talk to the kids about what they did today, just like he would if they were in public school. It gives the kids a chance to review what they did, and hubby a chance to get a glimpse into our day. When he is home during a school day, we tend to slack off a bit, but play some of the educational games more those days. That way Daddy can take part with them. It gives him enough of a taste to see what we are learning without overwhelming him, and the kids continue on with their learning while still enjoying that Daddy is home for the day.
    Catherine recently posted…Love Is…NOT Self SeekingMy Profile

  5. That is wonderful, Catherine. I like how involved he is. Often times that isn’t the case. Life gets so busy that the little things like this get overlooked. Thanks for sharing what your family does!

  6. Just love all your ideas, Brandy!!!
    Here is something we do:
    We write our “Daddy News” on a big piece of paper to share with him at dinner or later on the weekend! It’s a “Share the Pen” type activity – I will write and dictate for the 2 year old, the 5 year old will write a few words into our news that he is comfortable with and the 7 year old helps with the big sentences! Then we all illustrate under our writing! I be sure a date it so I can take a picture and use it in our family scrapbook!

  7. Ashley, I love this idea! Incorporating writing and keeping it for keepsake is awesome. Thanks for stopping by and leaving this fantastic idea for us.

  8. My husband will read with my kids or have them help with a house project.
    When I was struggling with my oldest through math, he would practice math problems at the table with him.

  9. That is so nice how involved he was. Thanks for sharing that.

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