Kwik Stix – A No-Mess Fast Drying Paint Review

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Our family loves to do crafts and art. When we were gifted the opportunity to review the Kwik Stix 12 pk by The Pencil Grip, Inc. we were so excited. I think there was even a little squealing and jumping going on. Okay…okay, Mom was the one squealing. Shhh….that’s our secret!

Painting without a mess! It's possible with Kwik Stix super fast drying Solid Tempera Paint Sticks.

You might wonder what all the excitement and fuss was about. The kids were excited to be able to experiment with something new. It was amazing to them that you could paint with Solid Tempera Paint in a stick. The concept is very similar to using a glue stick. {something they are quite familiar with} You uncap the Kwik Stix, twist the bottom and, voila, you have solid paint ready to use.

Now let me explain why I was so excited. As much as I enjoy that we have creative kids who love to work on projects and have a love of art, I don’t always enjoy the clean-up. There have been many times when they have asked to do art that includes painting and I have been that mean Mom who says no because, frankly, I don’t want the mess.
Kwik Stix has changed that! WooHoo! 

There is no water needed, they dry in under 90 seconds, and they can be capped and quickly put away. Does paint get any better than that? 

Here are just a few ways we enjoyed Kwik Stix.

Use Kwik Stix to make a unit study portrait.


Unit Study Projects

Butterfly painted a portrait of a historical figure she was studying during a History Unit Study. She wanted to do a rough sketch with pencil first and we weren’t sure if the Kwik Stix would paint over the pencil or adhere to it and the paint sticks did just fine. She really enjoyed doing this paint project during her unit study.

Kwik Stix are great for all ages and stages. Good for practicing letters, numbers, and even cursive practice. Easy to hold and easy to glide for little hands.

Writing Practice

Kwik Stix are great for cursive practice because they are large and easier to grip than a pencil for beginning writers. We are beginning cursive writing with our younger two children. These are perfect for adding in a bit of fun to a subject that our boys are sometimes reluctant to do. Now they are happy to practice their cursive.

Kwik Stix are perfect for any beginning writers because they are large and easy to grip. {and non-toxic} Even toddlers can paint or practice the alphabet and/or numbers with these solid tempera paint sticks. They would also be great for practicing sight words and phonics blends.

Nature Observation with Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint Sticks. Perfect for art on the go because they are mess free and quick drying.

Nature Art On-The-Go

Can I just tell you how excited I was about this project? The weather has been beautiful where we live and I thought it would be so much fun to paint at the park. How incredible is it to be able to take paint to the park! We discussed observing what we see in nature and then they painted subjects they found to be interesting. They had so much fun doing this and I was elated that I didn’t have to bring much with us to the park and that there was no mess to clean up. The bonus to this was that the paint was dry in less than 90 seconds. Perfect for On-The-Go painting.

Just imagine being able to paint with your kids at the park. You can do that with Kwik Stix - Solid Tempera Paint sticks that are fast drying (90 seconds or less) and are mess free. This brings Nature Art to a whole new level.

As you can see the possibilities are endless with Kwik Stix by The Pencil Grip, Inc. They are a very useful tool for educational purposes as well as simple pure fun. You can use Kwik Stix on many different types of surfaces. Such as: paper, cardboard, poster board, balloons, canvas, some plastics, and so much more.

You can purchase them through The Pencil Grip, Inc by clicking here
You can also purchase them through Amazon by clicking this link

Kwik Stix are a great educational learning tool for homeschool unit studies.

Mini Rainbow Unit Study

We did a one day Rainbow Mini Unit Study by using some resource books we already had on hand in our personal homeschool library, watched the rainbow episode of The Magic School Bus on Netflix and used our Kwik Stix. We discussed the science behind rainbows and how they’re made. Then crafted a rainbow place mat by first creating rainbow stripes on card stock paper, cutting them out into strips and then weaving the strips to create the place mat. After the place mats were complete I laminated them for a keepsake.

The above is just a few of the ways Kwik Stix can be used. I think the possibilities are endless. They also come in a variety of colors and quantities.

You can click on the pictures above to see the product in more detail.

As a bonus, we were also gifted The Pencil Grip. This little tool is amazing. It helps teach and correct how to hold your writing tool correctly. It can be used on a pencil or pen. Our daughter has struggled with the “normal” way to hold a pencil since she started writing. We have tried many different suggested methods and all have failed. She always reverts back to holding the pencil the way that is comfortable for her. Where the problem lies is that her hand begins to hurt. When I unboxed our goodies from The Pencil Grip, Inc. I immediately gave her the pencil grip and she LOVED it! She doesn’t want to write without it. Finally, something that she is comfortable using to help improve her pencil grip!

Thank you, The Pencil Group, Inc.

Kwik Stix The Pencil Grip, Inc. Review
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  1. This is AWESOME! I want to get them now! How fun…I am pretty sure my 4 yr old AND 13 yr old would love them!
    Jana recently posted…friendshipMy Profile

  2. Jana, these paint sticks are incredible! I am definitely ordering more in different colors. Now I don’t have to say “no” to my kids when they want to paint. No Fuss- No Mess means a happy moment for everyone! Your 4 year old and 13 year old would LOVE them! They are great for all ages. 1-100.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Impromptu mini unit studies are our favorite. This rainbow unit was a one day lesson. Having the Kwik Stix made the project so quick and easy. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. This is a great post! Adding these to the cart now!

  5. I’m so glad you found it helpful. You won’t be disappointed, I promise! They are wonderful!

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