Learning Cursive the Logical Way ~ CursiveLogic Review

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An Intelligent New Way To Teach Cursive Handwriting

Teaching Cursive Handwriting

Cursive is a dying art. That’s the chatter we hear these days about teaching cursive handwriting. Most schools do no teach it anymore. I’ve read articles where teachers and administrators (in my state) think that with the coming age of technology that we won’t need cursive anymore. Mind blown! I taught our oldest daughter cursive and I fully intend on teaching our boys cursive too. We were given the opportunity to review CursiveLogic and I jumped on it. CursiveLogic uses a logical approach to teach cursive letters with their CursiveLogic Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive.

Cursive Handwriting

It’s hard to imagine a world were future generations will not know how to read or write cursive. One would think that signing your name should be a big deal. Cursive is so unique to the individual. A huge accomplishment really. Something to be proud of. One could say that history is carved in cursive. It would be a shame not to enjoy that.

When I taught our daughter to write in cursive it was the traditional; each letter of the alphabet, individually. It definitely took time. After spending just a small amount of time working through the CursiveLogic approach with our 11 year old son, I sure wished I would have found this cursive curriculum back then.

A little about CursiveLogic?

Linda Shrewsbury is the creator of CursiveLogic. Linda was volunteering in a literacy program when a 23 year old man with learning challenges named Josh wanted to learn how to simply sign his own name. That story melted my heart when I heard it. Something so simple as the desire to sign a name gave birth to the CursiveLogic method. She wanted to help this young man, but knew he didn’t have the time it takes to learn cursive in the traditional manor. She began to study the cursive alphabet and realized there was a pattern to the letters. She broke those patterns into 4 sections. She went on to teach Josh the entire lower case cursive alphabet in 45 minutes.

Isn’t that an amazing testimony?


CursiveLogic teaches letters based on their shape rather than in alphabetical order. There are four shapes (or strings – is what it’s referred to) oval, loop, swing, and mound. Each string or shape has it’s own color theme. This is perfect for the visual learners. Identifying the patterns is much easier this way. The letters in the theme are taught attached.

cursive handwriting

The writing exercises are designed to teach muscle memory. Your child will learn the entire lowercase alphabet first before moving on to uppercase. 95% of writing is done in lowercase.
This is a self-paced cursive curriculum recommended for age 8, but can be fitting for all ages. This included adults and people with special learning challenges.

The workbook is spiral bound at the top so there is no interference with left-handed or right-handed students.


There are 10 lessons all together with a Getting Started section and a 3P’s (Posture – Paper -Pencil) section. The Getting Started section explains the methods you will be using to teach cursive writing. There’s also a section for Teaching Notes. I found this very easy to follow along and helpful.

What we received for review.

We received The Quick-Start Pack and The Art of Cursive. The Quick-Start Pack consisted of the student workbook and a webinar. The student workbook has a total of 112 pages with 2 dry erase pages in the back for extra practice. The webinar has helpful information and tools to help you teach CursiveLogic.

cursive handwriting

The Art of Cursive is a coloring book designed for older students who already know how to write in cursive and adults who are looking for a fun and relaxing way to improve their cursive handwriting. Our daughter enjoyed the The Art of Cursive coloring book. It was a great way for her to work on and improve her cursive writing.

Final Thoughts!

CursiveLogic thoroughly impressed me with the unique and effective method of teaching cursive. We are continuing to use the workbook with our  11 year old son and will be starting our 9 year old on it very shortly. Teaching the method used in this curriculum was far easier than teaching cursive only by alphabet letters.

How is CursiveLogic a *thrifty* choice for your homeschool? The method is so thorough there is no need to purchase additional practice workbooks like there generally is with the traditional style of teaching and learning cursive writing.

**CursiveLogic is offering a Special Discount Code just for YOU: CREW2018 to save 20% on the Quick-Start Pack, which included the webinar and workbook. This offer is good until the end of March 2018.

The Art of Cursive & Quick Start Cursive {Cursive Logic Reviews}






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