Why Do So Many Love Homeschooling?

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Why Homeschooling Is So Loved?

Have you ever asked a homeschool family why they love homeschooling? I bet if you did you would be amazed at the answer you received. Now, ask a multitude of different homeschool families that same question and you might be even more amazed at the many different reasons.

Why do so many love homeschooling? Come find out at least 31 reasons why homeschooling is incredible.

I might have confused you with that last sentence because generally complexity and simplicity aren’t found together. Homeschooling has very complex components about it (curriculum, schedules, methods, etc) yet we all just simply love it for many reasons.

I wrote a guest post over on the They Call Me Blessed blog along with 30 other homeschoolers who simply Love homeschooling. The series title for this blog party is called 31 Reasons We Love Homeschooling.

I posted about Investing In Your Children. Investing in what they learn and how they learn. Creating a homeschool budget that truly puts your money into your child’s education.

Head on over to They Call Me Blessed and read ALL the fantastic reasons (31 to be exact) We Love Homeschooling.


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