Meaningful Bible Journaling for Kids

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Meaningful Bible Journaling for Kids

With Bible Journaling being so popular right now, we were thrilled when we got the opportunity to review the Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens. My daughter used this journal, by Spiritual Circle Journal to go deeper in her walk with God and to use her creative side.

Bible Journaling for Kids

Having alone time in the word is very important in our home. But, there’s more to just having quiet time with God – it should be deep and meaningful and have purpose. That’s not always easy for children to grasp. Children are literal thinkers, so it’s sometimes difficult for them to see past the literal scripture wording and understand the meaning intended for them.

What is The Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens?

It’s is a spiral bound journal made of heavy weight paper. It is designed to teach children to dig deeper in God’s word and to create footsteps toward their walk with God. There are special illustrated areas for their entries, each of which have their own unique shape. *see picture below

Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens

Here are the entry spaces provided:


There is a Parent/Leader Guide for you to review so you can help your child get the most of this journal, dig deep, and learn good communication with God. There is also a Key that describes how to use each illustration space and even a Sample Page of journaling entries. This journal is recommended for ages 8 and up but can be adapted for any age. A younger child could draw their response in the designated space or tell you their response and you can write it down for them.

This journal can be used in multiple ways. The child can simply write their entries or they can get creative and draw, paint, color, use markers, glue, washi tape, stamps, stickers, or any way they can imagine. They can be as creative as they want to be.

There is even a Blank Cover Page for the child to decorate and make their own if they don’t want the one provided. This journal is meant to be personal – all the way down to a personal cover!

How’d we use it?

It’s suggested that you start out slow, only doing this for about 15 minutes at a time. It is more important to find meaning in what they are studying rather than filling in all the illustrations at one time. For us, we started out with only filling one or two illustrations a day and working on filling “the page” over a weeks time, or more. I wanted to make it clear to my daughter that this journal was not just about being creative and making it pretty, but understanding where she’s at in her spiritual walk. The creativity is a bonus and a way to learn, absorb, and remember.

Because her conversation with God (in her journal) is personal I am not including any actual photos of her entries.

Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens

The creator of the Spiritual Circle Journal, Liz Lassa, also included (in my package) beautiful glossy cards. On one side of the card is A SERVANT’S PURPOSE PRAYER and on the other side are SUPPORTING SCRIPTURES. My daughter took these to her youth group at church and passed them out. A great little gift to give to others.

Final Thoughts!

I am so pleased with how this journal works. Our daughter is 12 and she has started to experience the change of entering into teenage years. These years can be pretty difficult to handle. The Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens gently guides children to finding more meaningful and deep answers and understanding to God’s path for their lives. It gave her a sense of independence in her Bible time and also the freedom to come to me if she need help. I am so pleased with this journal system that I am purchasing two more for our boys.

Out of the mouth of my babe:
“I think that it is a great way to communicate with God. I like that you can doodle your thoughts in it and it’s an amazing way for you to express your feelings.” ~Butterfly

Bonus Goodies You Should Know About!

There is a savings if you purchase more than one Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids & Teens at a time.
There’s also a bulk rate for Homeschool Co-ops if you contact them directly. There is also a free PowerPoint training presentation available for Co-ops.

Search #spiritualcirclejournalforkids on Facebook & Instagram for journaling tips, ideas, and samples.

There is also a Spiritual Circle Journal for adults.

You can connect with Spiritual Circle Journal here:
Instagram:  @spiritualcirclejournal
Twitter:  @liz_lassa

Spiritual Circle Journal
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