Memoria Press ~ Traditional Spelling II ~ Review

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A spelling program that worked for us!

Traditional Spelling II by  Memoria Press has come to our rescue. I never thought I would say that! I feel beyond blessed that we were gifted the opportunity to do a review of this product. Spelling hasn’t exactly been a breeze for one of our children. I can say (with a smile on my face) that this has officially changed.

But First… A Little About Them!

Cheryl Lowe founded Memoria Press, a family-run publishing company that offers classical Christian education, in 1994. I love this statement from their philosophy page: “Many homeschoolers have a tendency to buy more programs than they actually use, or try a program and get frustrated with it. (We all have more of these on our shelves at home than we would like to admit.) Memoria Press, however, takes pride in the fact that the vast majority of people who buy our programs use them—and finish them.”

Memoria Press offers curriculum from Preschool to Twelfth Grade. They also offer curriculum by subject: Full Grade Packages, Classical Studies, Logic & Rhetoric, Literature & Poetry, American & Modern Studies, Art, Music, & Enrichment, Christian Studies, Greek, Math, Modern Languages, Penmanship, Phonics & Spelling, Science, Writing, English Grammar.

Please take a moment to check out their Special Needs page. They have a complete program for ages 2-21. They even have readiness assessments to give you an idea of where to start with your special needs student.

What We Received.

Traditional Spelling II is the second book in their Traditional Spelling series. The Traditional Spelling series is a comprehensive, phonetic approach to teaching spelling.  It’s a mastery-based study of phonics for spelling and reading. The Traditional Spelling program incorporates reading, writing, and dictation of spelling words.

We received the Traditional Spelling II Student Book, Teacher Manual, Practice Sheets, Classical Phonics book (a phonics rule book, of sorts), and Phonics Flashcards.

The Student Book includes 34 complete lessons and a Dictionary in the rear of the book for reference. Each lesson consists of an Intoduction to the words (plus the phonetic rules that apply), Definitions, Activities/Games, Dictation, Word Study Questions, and of course, the Final Test.  Each lesson consists of 4 pages (2 pages back-to-back).

The Spelling Practice Sheets are used in the event your child needs additional practice writing our the current lesson spelling words. The first half of the book is script and the second half is cursive. There are two practice columns for each lesson.

The Teacher Manual provided complete step-by-step lesson instructions. There’s a general lesson overview explaining how each lesson is laid out. They’ve also provided a sample lesson plan to familiarize yourself with the progression of the lesson. Each lesson is broken down into 5 days, with Day 5 being the Final Test day.

There’s also a Dictionary in the rear of the Teacher Manual for quick reference. The Appendix contains a reproducable spelling test form, spelling review games, spelling rules refernce sheets, common English contractions, phonics overview for the teacher, and colorful letters key. This section is extremely useful.

Phonics Flashcards: These easy-to-use flashcards help your student master the complexities of English phonograms.

How We Used It and Our Final Thoughts!

I have a confession to make – I tend to teach in a hands-on manner. The thought of a traditional workbook, teacher manual driven curriculum bored me to tears, but God has a sense of humor, ya know! He gifted me with a child who is has more of a Type A personality. He doesn’t care for colorful and “fussy” school work. He thrives on structure, lists, and monochromatic. He enjoys workbook style learning.

In this stage of our homeschool I have learned to appreciate well-planned teacher lessons. The teacher’s manual is easy to follow and lierally plans everything for you.

I simply grab my teacher’s manual and he grabs his student workbook and we are good to go. We also utilize the Classical Phonics book so we can reference our phonics rules and word lists when needed.

The lessons are laid out for classroom or individual use. There are 5 (daily) lessons per week. We generally would double up a day (when the lessons where simplilar) and completed the weekly lesson in 4 days.

If you are wanting structure, than this curriculum is for you. It has worked wonders for us. He is totally enjoying spelling and has deemed this as one of his favorite subjects during the day. I have to say that this came as a total shock to me since spelling has been a challenge in the past.
Thank you, Memoria Press for coming to our rescue.

Please excuse us as we are off to enjoy another lesson.


Spelling, Music Appreciation & Latin {Memoria Press Reviews}

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