More than just Art Lessons for Kids! ~Review

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More than just Art Lessons for Kids!
An ArtAchieve Review

Art is one of those subjects that is easy to ignore in your homeschool planning. Why? Because it can be intimidating when you aren’t the artsy type. How does one go about incorporating art lessons then?

What would you say if I told you I have found your saving grace and you can now feel comfortable serving Art on a platter to your homeschooled kiddo’s?   ArtAchieve is the answer!

Our home is filled with art lovers, and anything to get those creative fingers and minds working is a plus for me. We were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to review the Entire Level II art lessons. Boy, are we are glad we did! This online art curriculum is so much more than just another art program.

Online Art Lessons

Why am I so enthusiastic about these art lessons?

ArtAchieve has some of the same components as a Unit Study. The lessons not only teach you how to draw and learn art techniques, the lessons offer other academic subjects that accompany the art topic. How convenient is that for a homeschool mom?!

Here are some of the subjects included in the art lessons are: Social Studies, Science, Literature, Writing, Exercise, Just for Fun, Geography, History, Music, Dance, Cooking, and Art Extension.

The child can get his creative groove on with the art lesson, but he can also get his brain thinking, as well! Using the accompanying academic lessons will further his learning and work on building his thinking skills. Learning to observe. When you learn more about the what’s and why’s of what you are creating you tend to absorb it more.

You can choose to do just the art lessons or you can dive in head first and really add meat to the lesson by doing some or all of the subjects in the lesson. This online curriculum is totally flexible to your needs, your child’s needs, and your homeschool schedule.

The art lessons are clearly laid out and the supply list for each lesson is at the top, so you know what you need right away. I will say that the majority of the supplies needed for the lessons are most likely going to be what you already have on hand. You can always glance through the art lessons ahead of time and jot down what you don’t have and work on getting those supplies. The supply list is fairly simple so they are pretty cost effective. {I recommend starting on the lessons that you already have all the supplies for.}

I mentioned above that the art lessons are clearly laid out – you won’t need to be an art major in order to teach these lessons! The art lesson itself has either a video to watch and a PowerPoint. In the art lesson extensions there’s a clear explanation of the suggested subject lesson. You won’t have to do any research on your own. The creator of ArtAchieve is ever-so gracious enough to include clickable links linking directly to where you need to go to watch a video, read interesting facts, and so on. ArtAchieve has done all the planning for you.
Here’s an example of that:

ArtAchieve Art Lessons Homeschool

Here’s a sample of one of our favorite lessons – The Ukrainian Cat

We did the warm-up exercise they suggest and then watched the guided art lesson video. The video suggests where to pause if you need more time working on your project, etc. The instructor also teaches a relaxation exercise and highly stresses NOT giving up and encouraging ALL your work. Working through your mistakes is also something the instructor touches on. I found this very important and a valuable lesson.

I found myself sitting down and doing this entire lesson with my kiddos. It was interesting and pretty relaxing.

Online Art Lessons

We found Ukraine on our world map and read a brief History of Ukraine. We watched a short video clip of Cat Art by an American Artist and discussed what patterns and symbols she used often throughout her work. We also watched the MOST AMAZING video of a Ukrainian woman creating sand art on the history of Ukraine – simply fascinating! We then moved onto surprising facts about cats and tried to stump our cat loving daughter. For the writing assignment they suggest the student becomes a reporter and proves or disproves myths about cats. I decided to combine the Art Extension and Writing assignment and have them create a mini booklet of cats and write down some cat myths they discovered. The decorated their cat drawings (in the mini book) by seeking patterns within our homeschool room. Super fun!

To top it all off, we watched a hilarious cat video suggested in the Just For Fun lesson. Absolutely hilarious!

WOW! This post got a bit wordy. Sorry about that and thanks for sticking with me.
I really can’t stress enough how much I think ArtAchieve needs to be in your homeschool arsenal of curriculum. It’s a keeper for sure!

Here’s one more project we did on Mexico and The Day of the Dead.

Online Art Lessons

Check them out here:
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Come back for more homeschool goodies, thrifty tips, and honest reviews. See you next time!

Art Lessons Inspired From Around the World {ArtAchieve Reviews}


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