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Finding a little extra help for a busy mom’s day is always a sweet gift. Today I share with you the gift of Meal Planning – Freezer Cooking Style. I was blessed to be given to opportunity to review MyFreezEasy. The Freezer Meal Plan Membership is sure to make the meal planning and meal prep department of your life a little saner!

Doesn’t that sound wonderful! 

Be a Freezer Meal Planning ninja with a MyFreezEasy Membership. Review at

A little about MyFreezEasy 

MyFreezEasy is created by the founder of $5 Dinners, Erin Chase. Erin has been featured on the Today Show, Rachael Ray, The View, and Good Morning America. She has an impressive resume because her mission is to show you ways to spend less money on your groceries, save time in the kitchen, all without compromising your sanity and the flavor of your meals. She does this by offering affordable and delicious meals that you can have on the table, ready to eat, even on those crazy-busy days. She shows you how to do this by prepping your meals ahead of time in the manor of freezer meals or freezer cooking.

The method she teaches is: PREP ~ FREEZE ~ COOK ~ SERVE

The membership program offers you monthly meal plans that you can use just as they are designed or with the desktop app (provided in the plan) you can customize your own meal plans. You simply swap the recipes you don’t want with the recipes you do, from the recipe bank. The recipes and plans change with each month. An additional feature that I appreciate in the program is the ability to adjust the serving sizes in each recipe. Once you adjust the serving size all the ingredient requirements are also adjusted.


You can choose to use the recipes just as you would a regular recipe, such as: preparing it to serve it once cooked or you can follow the instructions and preparations to create a freezer meal to cook and serve at a later time. You can also double the batch and cook one at that time while preparing the other half as a freezer meal for a later meal plan.

Each plan includes:

✻Shopping List
✻Assembly Instructions
✻Recipe Labels (with final prep & serving instructions to print and stick on your freezer meals – the recommended labels are linked in the program)

Each one of these above can be printed for your convenience. The assembly instructions are included with the recipe and printed along with the recipe.

There’s a library of instructional video’s to watch to help you – from getting started to prep guides for each meal plan. These video’s are very helpful!  

I Received the Premium Membership for Review.

There are two different Membership options. The Basic Membership Plan offers 5 new meal plans/categories each month and the Premium Membership offer 8.

Here is an example of the Premium plan and recipes I could choose from.

Easy Freezer Meal Plans with MyFreezEasy by Erin Chase, the creator of $5 Dinners.

Those of you who are familiar with my blog know that I am a cheap thrifty kinda gal. When we grocery shop we focus on what is on sale. I do not like paying full price for grocery items, especially meat if I can help it. The way these meal plans are designed are fantastic for following sale ads. Why? Because if ground beef is on sale this week I can simply go to the All Ground Beef Meals Plan and have a variety of recipes handy to help me get the most out of my savings. I can prep the freezer meals for future weeks. I don’t feel like my money will be wasted because I won’t know what to do with all that meat. Now we have a variety of meals that can be spread out over time. Making the most of my savings!

Review of MyFreezEasy Membership on Freezer cooking has never been so easy!

If I do this each week with the sale items, I can build up freezer meals and meal planning becomes a breeze. Our meals are already in the freezer, waiting to be thawed, completed, served and devoured enjoyed by my family.

So What Did I Make?

These are just a few of the recipes that we tried during our review period.

Slow Cooker Salsa Beef Roast

Salsa Beef Roast in the slow cooker. MyFreezEasy Freezer Meals.

I absolutely LOVE slow cooker recipes. Like so many, we have a busy schedule. For anyone who says homeschoolers aren’t social enough I would love to show them our schedule! 
This roast was so easy and so delicious. We used this recipe as a prepare, cook and serve for dinner that night. It was waiting for us after we got home from soccer practice.

Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Shredded Chicken Sandwiches

Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Shredded Chicken Sandwiches by MtFreezEasy. Freezer cooking like a ninja! Another delicious slow cooker recipe. These sandwiches were scrumptious! I did not have dijon mustard so I substituted with stone ground mustard and it was so delicious.

Apple BBQ Pork Chops

Apple BBQ Pork Chops made on the Premium Membership Plan at MyFreezEasy. Review in

U N B E L I E V A B L E ~ These pork chops were so tender and juicy. They did not dry out or get tough at all. The flavor was amazing. The recipe was super simple. Another favorite!

The recipes above were just a few of the delicious recipes featured during the September Meal Plan in the Premium Annual Membership. This membership really does make meal planning so much more simple. It provides everything for you but the ingredients and someone to cook it for you!

If you are a busy family, I highly suggest you look into There are two membership plans to choose from. You can freezer meal plan like a ninja and the “what’s for dinner” voices you hear will start to fade away.

You can find even more info below.

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