New Year’s Resolutions

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What are New Year’s Resolutions?

New Year's Resolution. Don't set goals - make changes!



I was creating in my planner under the January 1st column and doing what most of us do, trying to create some goals for a New Year’s Resolution. As I was writing and creating, it sort of hit me; like a love bug hits a windshield on a warm summer day. Don’t set goals – make changes!

Goals, they are everywhere! I make goals for our homeschool year. I make goals for our finances for the year. I create goals for my blog. Goals, goals, goals……..

Don’t set goals – make changes!

Yes, you need goals. Something to work towards. Many of us need to set goals so we have something to work on. Better ourselves, our families, academics, our bodies, our finances, and so on. But, there is way more than just writing GOALS down on a piece of paper. You have to work towards those goals. How do we do that?

We make CHANGES.

When you make a goal often times you write down 3 steps to achieving that goal. Those 3 steps are changes that you need to make in order to achieve that goal. This is what led me to think that maybe we should skip the goal writing process and go straight to what will help us immediately.

Rather than writing out my goals or New Year’s Resolution (which I never stick too!) I brainstormed some small changes I wanted to make. Start off with small changes that you know you can make. Work on those changes then start working on larger, harder ones.

Small changes could be something as simple as: drink 4 glasses of water daily. Why four? Aren’t we supposed to drink 8? Yes, we are, but 4 is way more achievable then 8 if you aren’t used to drinking that much water. You see, the main goal here would be something like this: work on your beach body or get in shape. That goal is huge!  Where do we start? I’m overwhelmed already!

Breaking it down into changes instead of goals is a quicker way to see a result. Most humans are instant gratification minded. I know I am! It is easier to feel satisfied with yourself when you drink those 4 glasses of water rather than disappointed in yourself because you couldn’t get 8 glasses of water down. When we have too many days of feeling failure we tend to give up. Sending that New Year’s Resolution packing before it ever got comfortable as a guest.

I’ll give you an example of a “change” I am focusing on this year. I want to scrapbook with my daughter. This won’t be daily. It might not even be weekly. I haven’t scrapbooked in forever and she loves to create. My main objective or goal would be: Be More Intentional With My Kids. That is so vague and so wide open. So, rather than write that down as my goal, I wrote down scrapbooking with our daughter as a change I want to work on.

I don’t know about you, but when I have a swirling vortex of ideas or thoughts in my brain it doesn’t bode well for me. Rather than grabbing one thought, they all just crumble and I am left not remembering any of them.

Making changes in your year will get you there quicker than setting lofty goals.

My New Year’s Resolution this year is to NOT have a New Year’s Resolution and to work on small changes rather then goals.

New Year’s Resolutions fail. We set goals too high or unattainable. Why not make small changes instead? Write them down in your planner or calendar. Fill it in as a reminder. Life is so busy for us these days that it’s sad we may need to actually “plan” a time to spend time with our kids, but at least it will get done if you see it written down and planned out.

If you aren’t a “schedule everything – every minute” kinda person, that’s alright, neither am I. We can work on this together.

Don’t set goals – make changes!

Work on small changes until you master them. Then move on to more small changes. Smaller changes will result to larger changes will result to achieving goals.

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  1. I love your perspective on this… I tend to have goals and goals for my goals! Start with change… love that!
    Jana recently posted…Mary’s ExampleMy Profile

  2. Thank you!
    Small changes are so much more manageable and doable. Long term goals never work for me. Baby steps!

  3. Thank you, Jana! For me, if I set large goals I just won’t do them. I have to break it all down. I have to K.I.S.S. it…. Keep It Super Simple!

  4. Thanks, Amy!
    We can easily get wrapped up in what we write down but actually executing steps is a whole different story.

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