Finding Grace in your Homeschool Day

by What does grace in your homeschool day look like? Do you give yourself, your children, and your day grace? By now you have read this line many times “Homeschool […]

Sanity Saving Rainy Day Fun & Boredom Busters. It's rainy it's pouring the kids are yelling "this is boring." Stop those chants and have some fun!

by It’s raining, it’s pouring, the kids are screaming “this is boring!” Can you relate? Homeschoolers know all to well when Cabin Fever sets in. It gets exceptionally bad when […]

Breaking Busy book review. A life manual to help you maintain a fulfilled life by Breaking Busy.

by How To Find Peace & Purpose In A World Of Crazy {I was blessed by Family Christian with a copy of Alli Worthington’s book Breaking Busy to read and […]

A free Frog Life Cycle download

by Frog Life Cycle download [This post contains affiliate links] In our homeschool, we are all about hands-on learning. Which is why we jumped at the opportunity to raise tadpoles […]