Planet 316 Story Bible With Augmented Reality ~ Review

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Story Bible & Interactive App

Make the Bible Stories come to life with augmented reality.

Have you ever seen a Story Bible with “augmented reality?” Well, you are in for a treat! Today I get to share with you our review of Planet 316 Story Bible and the companion Planet 316 Story Bible App by Planet 316 and WorthyKids/Ideals. The Planet 316 Story Bible and app really make the Bible come alive. Perfect for younger children.

aug·men·ted re·al·i·ty
  1. a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

In my opinion, this little Bible is the perfect companion for any Bible reading time. The Bible stories are illustrated so beautifully and bright. Young children will be drawn to this book.

But first… a little about them!

Here’s what it says on the Planet 316 site:

“The Planet 316 Team shares a common passion – a love for technology interwoven with a sincere desire to creatively communicate the message of Jesus Christ to people across the globe.”

Isn’t that a wonderful and powerful statement? With such a technology-driven world our children are growing up in, I think it’s only fitting that our children’s Bible stories are keeping up with the times. Don’t get me wrong, I think good old-fashioned reading is most important, still. However, reading the Bible digitally is very prevalent these days. Lots of people have some sort of Bible app on their phones. I’m all for this… if it gets one to read the Bible!

Their hope is to share the message of Jesus Christ in a fun and interactive way.

The above statement isn’t meant to confuse. The Planet 316 Story Bible is a physical book… in which you can download a free interactive app to accompany the book.

The Planet 316 Story Bible is Published by WorthyKids/Ideals. They are based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

What we received.

The Planet 316 Story Bible is a hardcover storybook of over 300 pages. Inside you’ll find over 100 Bible stories from both the Old Testament and the New Testament, carefully written to introduce your child to God’s love. It’s written in a child-friendly language; perfect for read-to-me story times. It’s also designed for emerging readers.

The book quality is quite marvelous. Very sturdy hardcover, thick, glossy paper, and cartoon-like illustrations.

Let’s not forget that it comes with a free interactive app! The augmented reality makes the characters and animals jump out of the page through the app. When you tap on the illustration (character, animal, etc) you will hear their voices and other sounds. This amazing feature is sure to engage your little one. Along with smiles! 

The app can be downloaded free from Google Play (Android) and Apple App Store (iOS).

How we used it & our final thoughts!

When we received the physical book in the mail I was in awe of how bold and colorful it was.

I immediately went to download the app to see how it all worked. Unfortunately, because my kids’ newest tablets are Amazon Fire Tablets, the app was not available to download. I then tried to download on my phone and I did not have enough space. Then we downloaded it on one of our older Android tablets. It finally worked!

Because our children are a bit older, I fully intended on taking the bible, along with the tablet, to church with us on Wednesday night to the class I teach and letting the children enjoy a few of the stories. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out for me to bring the book and the tablet to my class yet, but I’m still looking forward to doing so. I think they will love it!

In the meantime, we are enjoying the stories ourselves, even though we are a bit older. 🙂

It was Easter time during this review period and we rather enjoyed going over the story of the death and resurrection of Christ.

I will say that the app can be a bit glitchy at times and I do wish the book would lay flat. It’s hard to hold the tablet and the book at the same time. This tends to get a little frustrating when you are wanting to tap the images to interact with them. Other than that, I highly recommend this book and app. This book would make a fantastic gift!

Planet 316 Story Bible and Bible App {Planet 316 Reviews}

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