Princess Cut {Movie Review}

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Princess Cut
Watchman Pictures

As a Christian family, we welcomed the opportunity to review a Christian Film titled Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures. Viewing a quality, high moral movie during a mom/daughter movie time was a pleasant experience.
You are in for a real treat today! Our teenage daughter will behind the keyboard for this review.

Princess Cut - Christian movie

But First… A Little About Them!

Watchman Pictures is a Christian filming company with a true dedication to Christ. The producer, Paul Munger, also produced the award-winning Creation documentary Animals in the Bible and provided homeschool families with Blueprint for Language Arts Success. His goal, or vision, is to inspire Christian producers to create immaculate films so that they can show further the Glory of God. Watchman Pictures had an extremely small budget for something like the Princess Cut film, so Paul felt very blessed with the outcome of this movie. He gives God all the glory. Most of the actors/actresses starred in other major films, such as Alone, Yet Not Alone, War Room, Courageous, and Killing Kennedy.

Princess Cut - Christian movie

What We Received.

We received Princess Cut on DVD. (complete with The Making of Princess Cut, Deleted Scenes, Blooper Reel, Behind the Scenes, and Film Trailers). The movie is approximately 97 minutes long.

The story is about a country farm girl named Grace Anderson. Her heart has been “thrown around” so many times that she feels like she’s never going to find true love. Her father teaches her that true love is worth the wait and that things happen in God’s timing, not ours. Grace goes on a soul-searching journey to the very deepest parts of herself. She then discovers that when she trusts and relies on God, things fall into place.

There are twists and plot turns throughout the movie that you think you have figured out… only to be surprised in the end.

How We Used It and Our Final Thoughts.

We (meaning my mom and I) watched it the day it arrived in our mailbox. I was just so excited!!! I think that it might be one of my new faves. Princess Cut is an awesome film that I highly recommend to EVERY family. I cannot express enough my appreciation for a Christian romance film.


My thoughts:

Princess Cut is amazing because there isn’t anything vile or unclean in the film. It’s definitely a family friendly film. That’s what we loved about it!

I actually convinced my little brothers to watch it with me one time and they thought it was “O.K”. But they’re also 11 and almost 10. They think that all that “love stuff” is disgusting. I think that older children will appreciate this wonderful film more so than the lil’ ones.

Again, I really appreciate the Christian morals implanted into this film. Overall, I think it’s a movie worth watching.

Mom’s thoughts;

I really appreciated that it was a love story with Christian values. It’s hard to find movies with good, Christian values for young eyes. It was definitely a love story, and Grace was faced with temptations. But she heard the voice of God. Even her best friend has more world views and tries to push them off on Grace, yet she hears that voice from God and knows what is pleasing to Him and what is not.
This film was a great testimony for a young teenager to watch!

Princess Cut {Watchman Pictures Reviews}

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