Rainy Day Fun and Boredom Busters

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It’s raining, it’s pouring, the kids are screaming “this is boring!”

Can you relate? Homeschoolers know all to well when Cabin Fever sets in. It gets exceptionally bad when it hasn’t stopped raining or snowing for days on end. Truth be told, we don’t get snow. However, it does get extremely hot here and when that happens you just can’t go outside much. Unless it includes a water activity.

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Sanity Saving Rainy Day Fun & Boredom Busters. It's rainy it's pouring the kids are yelling "this is boring." Stop those chants and have some fun!

When we are suffering from boredom in this house things can get really crazy… really fast.

There is so much energy running through this house that the last thing my kids need is something that brings on more energy. Now, I am not against any of the super-cool activities and games you can find on Pinterest for rainy day fun; we just can’t do them all…day…long! Otherwise, chaos ensues.

So what do we do? We bring on the games. Game boards that is. We break out the games and start a game day marathon. Not really! I can’t fool you. This mom couldn’t make it through a game day marathon. We do break out the games, though. We just don’t spend hours and hours playing. Sounds good though, didn’t it?

Have you been shopping for games lately? They can be downright expensive. If you have multiple children then of course they each want different games. This can break the bank.

You might be disappointed that I am not offering you some crazy cool inside game ideas or a printable that is the mother of all boredom buster printables. I am simply going to steer you towards good old fashioned boxed games and game boards.

Here’s the twist!

We NEVER pay full price for games. Yes, I know you’re shocked. Imagine this family looking for deals on things. Crazy isn’t it?

Shop thrift stores and yard sales for rainy day boredom buster games. I know you might be thinking that you are taking a risk by purchasing open games. (and you are)

When and How to buy used board games.  Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Are all the pieces there? If the box is open (not taped shut) you can check to see if all the pieces are there. Often times you can look on the back of the box and it will tell you what was included. Just open and count! If the directions are missing you can usually find them by searching online.
  • Look for great deals. You have to look for bargains. If the game has obviously been opened and played before and the store has taped the box shut and you can’t get open it to see if the all the pieces are there – make sure you don’t pay a lot. This way, if your risk doesn’t pay off then you aren’t out much money. I have literally found board games for a quarter. That’s not a huge loss.
  • Make sure the games are in decent shape. If you can see that the box is crushed and looks dirty – pass!
  • Be creative. If you purchase a board game and discover that there’s pieces missing….don’t panic! This is where creativity plays a role. If you aren’t of the creative type….your kids probably are. Give them the freedom to use their imaginations and create a new game out of the pieces that are there. At this point you have nothing to lose. If they play with it for a little while and then destroy the game – no biggie! You didn’t pay a bunch for it anyway… and it kept them busy. WIN-WIN! 

Here’s a few more ideas for those great deals that didn’t turn out so great:

  • Art Project – Turn those misfit pieces into an art project. For one, they will stay busy, get their art on and you might keep your sanity for the time being. Two, (assuming you got a great deal) those are probably the cheapest art supplies you have ever purchased. This sparks creativity and adds a little excitement because they are creating with items that are usually forbidden to glue, cut, write on, etc. Here’s a few ideas:
    Create a collage of color. Pick out one color from the game pieces and have them get creative.
    Robot or Silly Creature. Create a robot or silly creature from the pieces. Have them write a creative short story about their creation or invention. It’s name, where does it live, how old, what is his strength, what is his weakness? (Discuss trash to treasure or being a mad scientist)
    Road and City. Use the backs of cards to make a road for cars by taping the cards down. Draw buildings and businesses on the backs of cards to create an entire city.
  • Educational – The game Candy Land comes to mind here. You know those cute little colored cards and the one’s with the candy on them. Well, if you purchase a game that has nifty little cards like those then turn them into fun yet educational items. Here’s a few ideas:
    Spelling word practice. – Have them write spelling words on the cards for practice.
    Colors or shapes practice. – They can use the cards to find objects that are the same color or shape. Play color or shape hide and go seek.
    Silly Sentences. Create silly sentences by writing one word on each card. Create a few different sentences that can be mixed up to make more silly sentences.
    Rhyming Words. Write rhyming words on the game cards. They can play Memory by finding the rhyming cards. Play seek and find with the rhyming words. You or another child calls out a word and they have to go find the rhyming word card.
    Imagination. Just simply give them the stack of misfit cards and let them be creative. Your kids just might amaze you with what they come up with.
    Money. Allow them to use the play money to play store or cashier. We were given a the board game Life. After going through the box we realized that not all the pieces were there. I didn’t want to just through the money away so I coming up with a reward system using the Life money. I haven’t implemented it yet but this is the idea I had. I will create a points (or dollars) system. There will be different rewards for different dollar amounts. If our child does something (a chore, a good deed, etc) that wasn’t asked of him and we feel it deserves some sort of reward then I will give him a certain dollar amount of Life money. They can cash in their Life money for something on the system board that matches the same dollar amount that is on their life money. The rewards might be something like: $10,000 is worth an extra 15 minutes of electronics time or stay up 15 minutes before bed, etc. You decide the points system and the rewards. They can also save their money and cash it in for something much larger. Example: special lunch date with Daddy, etc.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless for those crazy, “I’m bored” days.

Save these ideas for those rainy days or days where you just need some sanity and need to keep little (and big) hands busy and minds working. For times when you don’t want to break out those insanely loud games that require chaos and running through the house.

Boredom Busters and Sanity Savers

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  1. These are such awesome ideas!! I could’ve used this all winter…definitely saving this one!

  2. Thank you! We love good old board games. Great for the winter blues.

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