Simple Coupon Organization

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Simple Coupon Organization

coupon organization

As you can tell just by the name of this blog… I like a good deal!

However, clipping coupons is not on my list of fun things to do.  I do it though to keep our grocery budget in check.

There are so many methods of coupon organization. I want to share with you the ways you can organize your coupons.
I’m here to tell you that I have tried them all! From major fail to success!

First let me start by saying that the show Extreme Couponing is like comedy relief  for me. It’s just crazy! If any of it is real, it’s like an obsession or an addiction. Not really a “how to” show.

There will be NO dumpster diving for me. I am also not spending 50-60 (or more for some, depends on which show you watch) hours a week on my cutting skills. I already mastered that a few years back.

Not to mention that if I spend that many hours on clipping:

  • My kids would be uneducated. No time for homeschool.
  • My family would be walking skeletons. No time for meals.
  • My house would be a dirt pile. No time to clean.
  • We would all be boring. No time for play.
  • The Our Thrifty Home blog would be non-existent. No time for that.
  • No memories. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. I would have good muscle memory in my hands from all that cutting.
  • I would be a stranger to my husband & kids. There would be no time for them.

That being said, if you are new to the coupon ‘thing’ then watching that show should not be your guide.

You can check out the other article that goes along with this post called Simple Realistic Couponing.

Before I get started on coupon organization let me address the stockpile issue. This is another one that makes me chuckle!
I stock up not stockpile. There is a difference.

I once watched a show where the woman was so proud that she had around 50+ boxes of cake mix. Enough for all the birthday’s in her family for xx amount of years. My first thought was “I don’t think I would enjoy bugs in my birthday cake!” I know they have preservatives but I’m pretty sure they don’t last 20 years.

Most of the food they stockpile is food I try to limit my family from eating too much of. This isn’t to say that we never buy or consume processed foods – we just try not to but too much of it. I definitely don’t want to feed my family a full basement full of this type of food. Well, I live in Florida so we don’t have a basement, but you get what I mean.

What I would Stockpile.

Now toilet paper, that’s a whole different ball game. I don’t know about your home, but our toilets seem to eat the toilet paper when we aren’t looking. We are always running out. Even if we buy in bulk.

Let’s get back to the coupon organization. Shall we?

Here’s the methods I’ve used:

coupon organization

  • The large accordion file.  This is when you use a large accordion style file and instead of going through your coupons and clipping them you simply put the whole coupon circular in a slot with that date on it. I used to follow a coupon site called Southern Savers. It’s a great site for those who can use it. The objective to using this site is to only purchase items that are on sale and that save you a certain amount of money. On this site, you simply pull up the store you want to shop at and it displays the sale items for that store. Next to the sale items it will tell you what coupon packet the coupon you are looking for is in and under what date to find it.
    Now, I can only speak for myself but this method of organization was way too difficult and time consuming for us. If I needed to find a coupon for an item other than one that was on sale I had to log onto the SS site and search for each coupon. I tried it for a while and it took me so long to do my grocery planning.  I don’t have that kind of time. It wasn’t for me.

    I have a confession to make…My husband does most of the grocery shopping. I don’t like to go and he doesn’t mind. I know…I know…I’m a lucky gal. I know men who wouldn’t go grocery shopping if they were starving!    I do the couponing and he does the shopping.

Also, I found that if I came across a clearance section, I didn’t have coupons to check to get an even better deal.

coupon organization

  • The binder. This method is oh’ so pretty, but oh’ so time consuming as well. This is where you get yourself a pretty binder with dividers (labeled alphabetically) and baseball card sheet protectors to put the coupons in alphabetical order. Now, this is a beautifully organized method and a very easy way to find a particular coupon. What makes this so time consuming is you cut the coupons you want, then you have to slip them into each pocket under the correct divider. Also, not all coupons fit into the pockets. You have to fold them and be sure not to fold over the bar codes. This takes time my friends. A lot of flipping and folding!
    You do have to carry around a binder to each store. If you have young kids it’s just one more thing to keep track of. You typically lay the binder in the child seat section of the cart….. where do you put your baby or toddler?
    Now maybe you are more efficient than I am and can keep track of your belongings better than I. If you can….You Go!

coupon organization

  • Small pocket size accordion file. This sort of coupon organizer has been around for years.  {do you remember when you could order them in different colors, solid or stripes, out of a coupon insert?}
    You cut the coupons you use, place them in the categories you have predetermined. Simple. When you are planning your list you go to the category and pull out the coupon you need. This little sucker will fit in your purse so you can bring it everywhere with you. This way when you find a clearance isle or section you can pull out your handy-dandy {blues clues reference} coupon organizer and see if you have any coupons to use.
    This method has been around forever. – What’s old is new again. – If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. – Tried and true. Ok, I’ll stop!

The small pocket organizer is what I use now. It seems to be the easiest for me. Less time consuming and very portable. As you can, see each method has it’s pro’s and con’s. It depends on you and your personality on which one will work for you.

Now I just have to get an organizer that is a bit more manly. Since I let the cat out of the bag and admitted to the world that my husband does most of the grocery shopping. I’m sure he doesn’t appreciate PINK.

Don’t forget to hop on over to Simple Realistic Couponing

*Some Addition Tips just for you at no Extra Charge:  1. Designate a home for your coupons. I have a magazine holder on my desk that holds the sales ads and all the coupons I have collected from the paper. As soon as I get them – they go in their home. This way you know where they are when you need them. 2. Designate a particular time to clip your coupons. You will want to do this before your shopping trip. For instance, if the new sale ad comes out on Thursday and you will be grocery shopping on Thursdays, you might want to pick Tuesday or Wednesday as your coupon clipping days. (try not to wait until you actually have to go grocery shopping to clip them – this will leave you frustrated, causing you to leave your coupons at home) Clip your coupons during your favorite TV show in the evening or when your husband is watching something that you have no interest in. Either way… pick a designated time and make it a date every week with you and your coupons.

   How do you organize your coupons?




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  1. I like the little organizer. I like all the tabs! Don’t remember seeing one with all the dividers/pockets. Where did that one come from?

  2. Thank You, Lisa!
    The little organizer works best for us, that’s for sure. Much more manageable and less time consuming.

    The one with the dividers and pockets is the binder organizer. It’s the picture with the black binder and all the coupons showing on one page.

    I hope this cleared it up for you. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. Love this! I have also tried each method. I totally agree that the binder is much too time-consuming. Not to mention the time it takes to remove the expired coupons each month! I’m just now trying the pocket size accordion style method so we’ll see. 🙂

  4. Thanks Tasha! Yes, the binder system looks so pretty, official, and organized, but many of us just simply don’t have the time to dedicate to that sort of system. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have success with the accordion style method. Keep me posted.

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