Sunya Publishing {Math Game} Review

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It’s always a nice change when you can break away from your normal math routine and play a game for additional practice. That’s what we have been doing these last few weeks because we were blessed with this review opportunity. We have been getting in some addition and subtraction facts practice by playing Sunya – The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science, Adding & Subtracting by Sunya Publishing.

A Math Game to use at Home or School that reinforces Math Facts. Check out the review of Sunya at

What is Sunya? (the “u” is pronounced “oo” as in book)

Sunya is a card game that provides learning and additional practice of addition & subtraction facts by making correct number sentences. (There is also a Multiplying & Dividing game sold separately) The recommended ages are 7 to adult and is designed for 1-5 players. This card game is designed for a home or a school setting. The winner of the game is the first player to run out of cards.

The game includes a Parent/Teacher Guide book that has full instructions and variations of games that can be played. I do have to mention that in the beginning I felt the directions were a bit difficult to understand in the way they were described. I’m not sure we ever really played the game to it’s fullest instruction. However, after playing (how we thought the game might be played) a few times I think we got the hang of it. We mostly played the basic level of the game, but there are more challenging variations of the game.

The kit also includes number playing cards and math symbols cards. (+, -, =) Math & Science Fact and Riddle Cards. {more on those down below} And a special Sunya Adding & Subtracting Number Line. (for additional help, if needed)

What makes Sunya unique?

When you purchase The Magic and Wonder of Math and Science Adding & Subtracting game you also receive adorable math and science fact and riddle cards. Our children had a blast asking the family these questions and riddles. A little something extra and fun! There are different cards available when you purchase the Multiplying & Dividing game.

When a player runs out of cards to play they are the winner. When the player discards their last card they call out “Sunya”. Sunya means empty or void of any quantity. Meaning “I am out of cards”. Sunya is a word from Sanskrit. There is a bit of history during the introduction of the game in the beginning of the Parent/Teacher Guide.

There are also additional activity suggestions provided in the guide. Such as; Flash Card ideas, Sequencing, Matching, Making Equations, and Completing Equations.

The guide is 25 pages of thorough explanations, game variations, additional learning ideas, a bit of word and number history, riddles, and more.

Sunya Publications. An addition & subtraction math facts card game, and more! See the review at

What we liked about Sunya.

Having more that one child in our homeschool breeds a bit of competition sometimes. Anytime we can all get together and play a game is a good time. The fact that it is a game that brings about an educational element makes this mom a happy mom. Fun and learning is always a hit!

Once our children got the hang of the game, they were able to play together without my assistance and as I mentioned above, they loved to challenge each other and adults with the riddle cards.

The Sunya Publications Guide that I received was printed in mainly black and white pages with a few colored printed pages added. As part of my review Sunya Publications asked my opinion on which printed pages I liked best. Where as color is always nice and generally more attractive to the eye, I would have to say that the print in black and white is just fine with me. I say that if that helps keep the cost of the product down than I would be perfectly fine with the black and white print.

Be sure to stop by and visit Sunya Publications website for even more information.

Math and Science {Sunya Publishing Review}
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